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YMMV / Books of the Raksura

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  • Iron Woobie: Moon, who's justifiably jaded and bitter after thirtyish years of having to hide his true nature and never fitting in. Now that he's among his own people, he clings to his old habits like standoffishness and secretive behavior, even though it risks his position among the Indigo Cloud court.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Partially subverted in that many of the Raksura don't want Moon around because he's a solitary. But Jade does — and so does her much older mother, Pearl. And the main plot of the first book is driven by the Fell's obsession with making Moon part of their breeding program. Both Fell rulers (male) and a half-Raksuran Fell progenitor (female) seem very very interested in him. Also, anybody else think Chime has a leetle crush on our boy? Confirmed as of The Siren Depths, Moon occasionally sleeps with Chime, and according to Moon "It was good because Chime had really wanted to".

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