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YMMV / Bojack Horseman S 4 E 11 Times Arrow

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  • Cerebus Syndrome: This is a very dark episode. In fact, it may be the most serious episode in the entire series thus far, containing almost no comedic moments. Even other contenders for most emotionally devastating episodes in the show, such as "Escape from LA" and "That's Too Much, Man!", had plenty of jokes and didn't take a dark turn until their final five minutes or so.
  • Cry for the Devil: After being portrayed as a cruel monster of a mother since season 2, we finally see Beatrice for what she really is: a woman who'd been disgraced for her entire life and was forever resentful of her ultimately bad decisions she made as an adult
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  • Fridge Horror: Beatrice kept her pregnancy to compensate for losing her favourite doll. Henrietta is shown feeling the same grief Beatrice felt when she had to give up Hollyhock. If we go by these parallels, there's a good chance Henrietta would go on to make the same mistakes Beatrice made.
  • He Really Can Act:
    • Both Will Arnett and Wendie Mallick are in fine form here. Not only does Mallick sound exactly like someone with generations of experience weighing on her chest, but Arnett has just the right tinge of kindness in his voice to the point that he might as well have been talking to his own mother.
    • Even people who aren't huge fans of Matthew Broderick admitted that he sounded genuinely creepy in the scene where Joseph burned all of Beatrice's toys, if only because his monotone yet cheerful voice clashed with such a creepy and depressing scene.
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  • True Art Is Angsty: By far the most depressing episode of season 4 and one of the most critically acclaimed episodes of the show. It's also the highest rated episode on IMDb (9.6).


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