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  • Complete Monster: There are a number of nasty characters in its roster, but the worst is definitely Dr. Wernher Amadeus "Prosit" von Luckner, aka Gustaaf Hazel, from the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine arc. A Dirty Coward with a sadist streak and a propensity to shoot his partners in the back, "Prosit" has a lot of murders on his conscience, including when he was the butler for the actual von Luckner, killing him to search for the gold himself. He also put a rattlesnake in the boot of his latest partner and then made him "dance" so that the venom would spread faster in his system. His latest act of villainy is trapping Blueberry and two other people in a cave with no way out, leaving behind a big taunting message for his victims.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Several of the villains, also get their own fair bit to cross this:
    • Bascom when ordering the eldest captive chief to be hanged, just to warn the natives.
    • For Lone Eagle, it is possibly when murdering two soldiers and compromising the convoy, possibly when torturing Craig, but definitely when brutally murdering and scalping Lieutenant Crowe, whom Cochise had given a free pass, just to wreck the incipient truce.
    • Steelfingers, when assassinating several Sioux warriors, and thereby finally ensuring that there will be war.
    • General Allister, when abandoning the wounded, defenseless soldiers commanded by Blueberry to be slaughtered by the Arapaho.
    • Luckner is so much of a Complete Monster, that he scarcely has one, but leaving McClure to a slow death in the desert qualifies. Otherwise, the murder of Wally with a rattlesnake, though he was a full-fledged Asshole Victim.
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    • Finlay when he withheld from his men the pardon they had gotten so he could continue his private resistance against the Union,denying them them of the opportunity to go back to their homes and families.
    • Vigo, when ensuring Blueberry is imprisoned for life for a crime he did not commit.
    • Eggskull, shooting down Chini in cold blood.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Ayahuasca Visions in the movie

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