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  • Broken Base: While the quality of their animation is rarely in doubt, opinions on their storytelling abilities are mixed. How much you like them will largely depend on what you think of Carlos Saldanha's talents, or lack thereof, as he's directed most of their movies.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Being the only animation studio on the east coast who produce feature films, they, along with Titmouse, are extremely popular as a first-choice career option amongst regional art schools such as Purchase and School of Visual Arts.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Ever wondered who made Nickelodeon's famous Blob bumper? Yep, that was Blue Sky before they got into the film-making business.
    • They also animated the climactic scene in Titan A.E. where the Titan creates New Earth, which may explain how Fox knew about them (and subsequently offered them the Ice Age gig).
  • Sequelitis: Blue Sky's only films to receive rotten ratings on Rotten Tomatoes so far are all of their sequels.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Blue Sky has tended to get a lot of criticism for casting celebrities in voice over roles more on the basis of being popular at the time rather than actually being right for the role.

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