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  • Fake Longevity: If taking out the long animations, and the bonding scenes with other characters, the game isn't that long compared to other games.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Yuzu and Lime mention that the school is only one of twenty two singularity points in the world for Sephira to attack. That leaves plenty of room for interpretation as to what teams are guarding the other twenty one.
  • Game-Breaker: Lumiére Cancer, the final skill Hinako learns for leveling up as opposed to reaching stat milestones. It's a single target skill that ignores defense. Thanks to the way damage calculations work, the skill will never do less than 7000 points of damage. Using it in Overdrive immediately takes it up to 9999. Given that even the Final Boss only has 50,000 HP...
  • Les Yay: With an all girls cast, this was inevitable.
    • Naturally, Lime and Yuzu get the most.
      • One possible victory pose has Lime and Yuzu wrap themselves around Hinako's arm and hand, looking like they're ready to engage in a Lover Tug-of-War while Hinako has a clear "So this is my life now" look on her face.
      • When the girls walk in on Hinako and Shihori after their Skinship Grope moment, both in their underwear and lying on the floor, Lime assumes they're in a relationship and looks almost disappointed.
      • The reason Yuzu and Lime picked Hinako as their choice for a Reflector was because they saw her perform on TV once and basically became infatuated fangirls for her.
    • The fact that special events with the girls are straight-up called "date events".
    • Sanae is second to Shihori in her enthusiasm to hang out with Hinako. There are implications she secretly is crushing on Hinako.
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    • Ako seems to like cute girls a bit much and says Hinako has "curves like damn".
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • The buildup to and the execution the first time the team battles a Sephira, especially when Hinako declares, "We may not win this, but I'd rather go down fighting!"
    • Anytime you use Hinako's Finishing Move and watch her tear through the boss. You even get a unique one for each fight.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The comments from the other characters whenever there's a Sephira battle might annoy players after awhile.
  • Narm: When a person goes rampant, their motions tend to become wild and flagrant. The effect is less that of someone emotionally unstable and more like a pouty child or an enthusiastic yet uncoordinated cheerleader.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Bosses shift phases at certain HP milestones, but when they change, they immediately recover to the exact point the shift occurs. So if a boss turns to its second phase at half health, but the attack to bring it to that phase brought it down to 30%, it will regain enough health to be at exactly half after the cutscene plays out. This entirely invalidates your strongest moves until the final phase.
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    • Also the incredibly slow, floaty overworld movement. This might have been justified by Hinako's leg injury, but she walks in a typical Girly Run, not with a limp.
  • Tear Jerker: A lot of the conversations before the final Sephira battle, as well as the ending itself where Hinako hugs Yuzu and Lime, crying and not wanting them to go.
  • That One Achievement: "The Extreme MASTER of the Master of the Dark" requires you to clear the Dark Cave smartphone game in a very counter-intuitive manner. You need to build up the three main stats to the max of five at least once, then reduce them to one or less by the final growth period, all within the ten turn limit. And if your monster doesn't evolve three times by then, which only happens at certain points depending on your progress, you can get locked out of completion. The fact that it's a gold trophy only adds to the frustration.

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