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YMMV / Blue Mountain State

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Concerning Thad's sexual orientation. Gay Bravado or Armored Closet Gay?
  • Crosses the Line Twice
  • Designated Hero: Most of the team can qualify, generally in being lazy, perverted, drug-addicted slobs and Jerk Asses. It's Played for Laughs of course.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The reference to Joe Paterno holding the record for wins by a Division I coach became this very quickly due to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. note  A week after Paterno broke the record, he was fired by Penn State as a result of the scandal, and he died of cancer shortly afterwards.
  • Ho Yay: Alex and Sammy occasionally have their moments, as does Alex with Thad, mixed with a dash of Foe Yay.
    • Thad has a definite fascination with Alex's genitals, becomes extremely upset when Alex will not pat him on the ass and swallows a used condom full of Alex's spunk. Yeah, definitely some Ho Yay / Homoerotic Subtext going on there!
  • Retroactive Recognition: Travis, the starting QB in season 1, is played by Stephen Amell, better known as Oliver Queen/Arrow.
  • Spiritual Licensee: The show is considered the closest we've ever got to an actual Animal House series. There was in fact a series based on Animal House back when it first premiered (technically three, as back in the day, each of the three major networks at the time did their own version, Delta House on ABC, Brothers and Sisters on NBC, and Co-ed Fever on CBS,) but it wasn't until BMS that TV standards relaxed enough to show an Animal House series in all its depraved glory.

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