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YMMV / Blood Over Water

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  • Ham and Cheese: George Lawence lives for this trope.
  • Idiot Plot: If Sleet Mountain in general had done a better background check on Clyde, he'd never have been CEO. If Ashley had quit right away, she would never have been blackmailed into becoming an accessory to murder. (If she hadn't had an affair, it would have been harder for Clyde to blackmail her in the first place.) If Chris weren't blinded by his greed, he would've turned against Clyde before throwing friends under the bus. If he weren't such a moron, he would not have betrayed Angelica to Clyde's depraved sex ring shortly after she'd helped him carry out a murder. And wouldn't have to rescue her from repeated rape and torture to redeem himself for what he did to her. Had he communicated with George and Kyle better, they would not have mistaken Aaron for Mark. Which would have resulted in Clyde never ordering a hit on Aaron after it was revealed that Aaron was now aware of the plan.
    • Had the police bothered to be even remotely curious, especially when Aaron arrived with increasingly massive amounts of evidence of foul play going on, then Aaron and Monica may have been able to conduct their research without fear of being captured by thugs.
    • Had Aaron gone straight to the EPA with his findings and his story, instead of getting Monica involved, then he might have been able to pull off Mark's original plan. He wasn't any less knowledgeable of anything at that point than Mark was. He would also have avoided the need to get Monica involved in anything, so her plot in the story would have been non-existent.
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    • Had Aaron considered that telling a Sleet Mountain employee he was going to the university, even a friend, was a bad idea, especially given all the security that surely had to be there at the factory; then he would have said he was going to "think over" where he was going. Again, that would keep him from leading the villains straight to Monica.
    • Had Monica insisted on them finding some place else to work if there were kidnappings involved, or explained anything to Monica in detail, then they would not have stayed at the university long enough to be easy targets. As it is, they stayed in one spot long enough for Sleet Mountain thugs to find them. It's a stretch to think that Kyle could have learned exactly which room in the university Aaron told Chris he would be at, since Aaron never divulges that detail.
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    • Had George been willing to contain a little bit more of his bloodthirst, Kyle would have shot Aaron before he had a chance to escape.
    • Speaking of that, George and Kyle had Aaron tied up. But they didn't think to check his pockets, where they'd have found his wallet and been able to figure out that they'd grabbed Aaron instead of Mark. Which would have resulted in a phone call to Chris to clear up the mistake, and possibly resulted in Aaron being dropped off somewhere rather than the need to kill him outright.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The reaction of many Ferris students.

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