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  • Abandon Shipping: Harris/Tammy was pretty popular in the beginning because the two were a cute Toy Ship. But then Harris leaves the blindsprings while Tammy stays, when he comes back he is in his twenties while Tammy still looks 12. Needless to say most fans were not willing to ship an adult with a child, even if Tammy is technically far older than Harris she still looks and acts like a child.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Quite a few comments in this strip question why the girls aren't freaking out all that much.
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  • Awesome Art: One of the Five Reasons To Read Blindsprings.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Harris is one because of his actions early on the story. The way he took Tamaura from the spirits has been compared for his haters to kidnapping and the way he talks make some consider him an Entitled to Have You creep who doesn't take Tamaura's will to stay in consideration. Others, however, consider that he's saving her from a very cemented Stockholm Syndrome and that he may have saved Tammy from a Fate Worse than Death. While most have Forgiven, but Not Forgotten, as Harris had more reasons than just proving to the Academists that he was right about her, and are waiting to see Harris' redemption arc now that he has recognized he's Orphic.
    • Ewan became one at the beginning of Chapter 6. His Fantastic Racism towards Orphic reached maximum levels thanks to the whole tree incident, and the added Dramatic Irony that his friend is Orphic is not missed to the readers. Of course, some defend him saying that he has no idea nor way to know that tiny detail, has lived his whole life believing what his culture has indoctrinate him and because of the Wayfarers he lost the use of his legs. The notion increased at the end of the chapter, when it's revealed that Ewan is working with Master Lumens, and that the graver twins are his niece and nephew.
      • There's also many Harris/Ewan shippers have started to get doubts about the equality in their relationship. Ewan is seem being kind of possesive and condescending with Harris, as he's the one holding most of the power in their relationship, and think that Ewan may see Harris as just a boytoy. Others think that Ewan is just scared for Harris' safety, as Harris' old research might put him in the middle of a war, and there's hints that Ewan has lost people he cared about already.
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    • Rajani's Sink or Swim Mentoring. While she's enthusiastic about teaching Orphic magic to Harris while at the same time help Wisteria protect her children, the way she rushes him into doing something so big without getting any practice or giving him some time to assimilate the truth about his heritage, made some people question her methods. Not to mention that her very first "lesson" is an attempt of Academic/Orphic hybrid magic.
    • Done purposely with Asher Thorne, who entered the comic via Flash Back as a racist asshole who attacked and arrested his own wife in front of their children. This made him an easy Hate Sink that fans could not stand. Then came his introduction in modern era were he is shown to be a caring if distant father whose love for his daughters easily trumps any hatred he might have of their Orphic blood line.
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  • Cry for the Devil: After the release of Asher's bio, many readers can't help but pity him.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • After the reveals in Chapter 3, many fans are making up theories about Ms. Thorne's relation with the last Empress, why Asher Thorne even married an Orphic woman, how they managed to stay from going to each other's throats enough to have three daughters and whenever or not Ms. Thorne is sealed.
    • People start to wonder if Harris has orphic lineage somewere in his family tree when he's proven to be one of the 5% of people in Kirkhall able to see Orphic stuff and the only Spiritualist able to see Indra before Rajani makes him visible to the rest. Confirmed.
    • After Page 294, people start to speculate what separates Kieran from a Royal Spirit and what are the consecuences of making a bad deal with one.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Rajani figuring out Harris was Layla's son. She said she can smell magic in his blood; Khalan magic from his mother's side, Khalan magic than no Aberwellian seems to have because Khalans don't migrate out of their country because they won't have magic elsewhere and, as far as we know, Layla was the only Khalan who ever left Khala and married an Aberwellian. To her, Harris is a red dot on a green background.
  • Fridge Horror: Tammy never doubting to jump forth to fulfill her duties towards the spirits has some very deep The Atoner undertones to the point of It's All My Fault, if you think about it. Tammy is haunted with guilt over supporting Academic magic which ended causing her family's death, her people's three centuries of suffering, the spirit's near extintion and even a magical crisis so she now never questions things and just does what she knows she has to do without thinking of the consecuences (her revival of a dead Blindsprings almost unleashed an all-out war, not to mention her blowed cover). It seems her mother's words over "her responsability and duty" really sunk deep into her.
  • Ho Yay: Much to the applause of comments of this page.
  • I Knew It!:
    • A number of fans guessed Harris would be able to see spirits while others couldn't and fell into the 5%.
    • Harris and Ewan being in a relationship.
    • Harris being an Orphic.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Harris. Now that Harris is ten years older than Tammy (biologically), the fandom is pretty quickly shipping him with everybody; from Deidre Thorne, to Rajani, to Ewan (which turned out to be canon) to Indra. The fact that Harris is canonically Bi helps them a lot.
  • Memetic Mutation: The fan made edits in the comments section. One of particular note being "CSI:Kirkhall".
  • Moe:
    "... I can almost guarantee a minimum of three kittens will have that name by December. Such a little cutie!"
  • Moral Event Horizon: Asher Thorne's treachery of his wife and second daughter. Specifically, Asher has his wife sealed and arrested, and his second daughter turned into a Graver, AKA a Human Weapon augmented by Academic magic to use against Orphics. Yet, turning her to a Graver is hinted as being the only option that didn't end in her death.
    • Lumens passes it in his introduction. He has Rhiannon open fire on Tammy in a crowd and quickly has a coup to take control using his Gravers.
  • Ship Sinking: This trope was Parodied along with the one above in one of Kadi Fedoruk's blog posts. (Note that there's still some debate whether or not the Tamaura/Harris ship has officially sunk. However, Fedoruk stated in a followup blog post that Harris is now (physiologically) far too older than Tammy for such a relationship to be non-squicky.)
    • Harris/Ewan, being a Fan-Preferred Couple, got a real punch in the gut after the reveal of Ewan's bio; Harris not being listed in Ewan's likes (unlike Harris', that clearly says it) and the theories that Harris might be an Orphic or a Khalan (two things that Ewan offcially dislikes) were taken as an unexpected Shipping Torpedo. They cool down with the reveal that they are in a relationship of some kind. Or at least are Friends with Benefits.
    • Harris/Rajani took a hit when she sliced open his arm and told him to heal himself or die.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The reactions to Tammy's Important Haircut vary in intensity. Totally averted with the viewers who wanted to see Tammy in bangs.
  • Toy Ship:
    • Tammy/Harris was the first popular ship of the comic, until Harris left and returned 10 years older while Tammy remained the same.
    • Chapter 6 has people shipping Tammy/Tristan, as both are Orphic children who have going trough hell thanks to the Academists and many see Tammy will be a good influence on him. Not to mention, they look cute together.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Is Ember a guy or a girl? Kadi has revealed the answer: Neither. Ember is non-binary.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tamaura. Poor girl lost her family, have to serve morally ambiguous spirits for 300 years old in order to keep her only relative alive, her first friend in centuries breaks her mom's contract, allegating it was to save her, to then get throw into a modern city, completely alone and lost. Kadi only knows what would have happened to her if Imogen and Street hadn't run into her.
    • The Thorne sisters. Their mother was arrested in their own house and they have never see her again. The fact that their own father was the mob leader and the one that faced her himself, and the very cold treatment he give his daughters after leaving them without mother, including threating them with the same fate if they misbehaved.
    • Wheelchair Woobie: Ewan, Harris' roommate. He was involved in a bombing attack that left him crippled and with PTSD. Poor guy.
    Ewan: Is Khala bombing us? Is it an attack!? Not again, no no nononononono.
    • Tristan is obviously miserable, and just wants to be free.

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