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YMMV / Blaz Blue 3 RP

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Subjective Tropes related to this work:

  • Fan Nickname: Tazuka Cullen, as coined by one of the RP-er. With a look like this, who wouldn't say? (He has a different weapon, though).
  • Heartwarming Moments: When Jin, the colossal Jerkass and the Token Evil Teammate of the good guys, even managed to reveal his Hidden Heart of Gold, and gave a counseling to a troubled Litchi to the point of even letting her cry on his chest and culminates with him accepting to be her friend... well it's this.
    • Another one would be when Litchi revealed her problems to Nox, asking if he hated her for her acts, Nox didn't say a word, he just hugged her, just like how she hugged him back in the days with Sector Seven when Nox was feeling angsty.
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  • Moe: Aoiffe. Her RP-er likes to draw her, and it's mostly agreed that she's very cute.
  • Moment of Awesome: Bang... How awesome? He pulled his umbrella Distortion Drive, to give Aoiffe shelter... then he CATCHES EVERY SINGLE OF NAILS WITH HIS BARE HAND SO THEY DON'T HIT AOIFFE. Epic.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If in the actual game Hazama has been crossing it a lot, Relius is catching up now with...
    • Ordering the slaughter of everyone involved in the Four Gods project to erase his perfect record.
    • The brainwashing of Taokaka
    • Using Tsubaki as the ultimate hostage to have Hakumen do EVERY of his biddings
    • The torture to the traitors, but especially on poor Litchi, which goes to Cold-Blooded Torture territory. Even the usually meek Noel had more than just saying "NO, STOP!" on this one.
    • And goes way back, he's involved in about Litchi's backstory EVEN BEFORE she met Lotte: He experimented on her mother, making her the carrier of the Seithr poisoning that killed the majority of the people at Shanghai, the mother included.
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    • Then topped it off by having Litchi cloned, then have the clone BURN ORIENT TOWN TO THE GROUND. Hazama even had the real one watch helplessly, but Relius engineers the whole thing and that is one of his testimony of uber fucked-upness...
      • This also serves as the clone's own crossing Moral Event Horizon, as she had the choice not to burn it, but gleefully burnt it down for her own selfish needs.
    • Otoya has also gone through this by not only killing Litchi's father, but keeping his organs in a cabinet for later use. The usage being, for instance, slapping her with the intestines...


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