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YMMV / Blaster Knuckle

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  • Complete Monster: While all the beasts that our protagonist—the African-American Victor Freeman—hunt and eat humans, this duo stands out as notoriously cruel.
    • The Major, from the "Coffin for the Weak" Story Arc, is a beast disguised as the Major of a racist rural town. Having eaten humans from all races, the Major decided to focus on African descendants due to considering them easy prey. Taking advantage of the racism of his time, the Major allies with The Klan and other racists to execute all whites sympathetic to the black population, and is then free to abuse them, with him personally eating the corpses of victims of lynchings. Capturing a unlucky black girl with the help of racists, the Major proudly confesses having eaten her sister befor locking her in a room filled with the bones of his victims, with the intention of enjoying her fear before eating her as he already has done with other victims.
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    • The Unnamed Beast from the town of White Rock Valley is beast with the power of taking over the control of his descendants. Using said power, the beast annihilates a entire town of African-Americans and takes control of their bodies, with the intention of forcing Victor to kill black children. Sending his descendants to attack both Victor and the cops hunting him, the Beast later receives the former in his human disguise, setting a trap in the town—whose original inhabitants were slaughtered—to let his descendants kill and torture them, with Alex MacGregor as the Sole Survivor due to his extreme skill. Realizing that both Alex and Victor were members of a beast slaying organization, the Beast sends all his descendants to attack them while taking control of the body of a Alex's friend to guilt trip him.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Alex MacGregor is The Rival of Victor "Bloody Rain" Freeman. Raised in the beast-slaying organization Silven Kreuz, Alex befriends Victor during his time in the organization. Becoming a feared and cunning Bounty Hunter while remaining part of Silven Kreuz, Alex enjoys hunting both beasts and human criminals. Joining a police hunt of Victor while knowing that he isn't a murderer, Alex befriends a young Bounty Hunter and tries to convince him to return to his old life and has a duel against Victor that ends in a harsh tie with both injured. Later, Alex manages to survive unscratched by the traps of the beasts in the town of White Rock Valley and kill his attackers. Enraged at the death of his friend, Alex joins forces with Victor to kill as many beasts as they can. Killing the beast leader personally by using his own power against him, Alex reminds the good times and allows Victor to go away, warning him about other members of Silven Kreuz and showing why he's both Victor's enemy and friend.

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