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For the film:

  • Idiot Plot: Even for a "kid empowerment" film, adults are really idiotic. The whole plot happens because the bank manager thinks a gangster would send a kid to fetch his laundered million dollars (the gangster's reaction to hearing the manager explaining this is him actually saying something along the lines of "I wouldn't do that! What made you think I would?!") and all other adults hearing Preston's excuses about Mr. Machintosh (he's very secretive, I am not his son, he hired me to be his assistant, etc), while it may still be a stretch to assume "Invented Individual", they never think this sounds like a textbook case of "Stranger Danger", not even Preston's father (who is neglectful for most of the film but still gets a Papa Wolf moment in the third act when he walks into "Machintosh's" office to give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, without knowing that he's giving it to Preston. On that end... this also happens because he never demands "Machintosh" to turn his chair around and face him).
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  • Memetic Mutation: "Damien and Ralph sleep butt to face. Butt to face. Butt to face. Butt to face. Butt to face. Butt to face."
  • Never Live It Down: Shay Stanley romancing and kissing an underage kid.
  • The Scrappy: Preston's father Fred is no doubt the most hated character in the movie even more than what the writing intended. In addition to the usual uselessness in most 90's kids films, he lets his two older sons dominate Preston's room for their own business (despite being incompetent at computers), berates Preston for not doing the same despite being clearly too young to do so, starts the plot by being so money tight even giving him twenty bucks for a theme park was too much to ask, expressed more concern about how Preston's bike was ruined rather than concern that he was almost hit by a car, and is overall is just so unlikable that Preston comes just shy of being actually sympathetic in the process.
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  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The theme, composed by Alan Thicke, was a blatant Suspiciously Similar Song version of Quincy Jones' "Chump Change" (which was used on the pilot).


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