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YMMV / Blackbird (2018)

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  • Caged Bird Metaphor: A subtle, pervasive theme running through the comic is that Nina, who starts out as the titular Blackbird (a paragon not associated with any Cabal), is lonely but, by her mother's standards, free, whilst paragons in general are not. Despite all their wonderful abilities, they are constrained to their territories and strictly forbidden from interacting with the larger world. Paragon buildings may look like modern architecture, but they are directly referred to as "castles" and that is probably their actual function, given that the few Cabals we see appear to be constantly on the verge of war with each other. Nina's biggest superpower is arguably the ability to simply walk in broad daylight from one end of Los Angeles to the other. By contrast, Gloria, who apparently runs Iridium Cabal, was forbidden from even letting her daughters know that she was alive and living within walking distance of them, and is essentially a prisoner of the society she sits at the apex of.

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