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YMMV / Black Manta

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  • Complete Monster:
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Manta murdered Aquaman's young son, Arthur, Jr. This is awful. But then subsequent writers had Manta bring it up constantly like some kind of gallows Running Gag which probably peaked with this infamous scene from 1993's Aquaman #6.
    • Manta once captured Aquaman, and revealed to him that he was going to blow up all of Atlantis. When Aquaman asked why he would do that, Manta's response was simply, "To be perfectly Frank—I'm doing it out of simple spite... I really hate your guts, you know..."
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    • After cutting off Aquaman's hand, Manta quipped, "What are you crying about, Aquaman? You should be used to that."
    • Manta only joined the Suicide Squad after they altered his helmet so that it would make all enemy combatants look like Aquaman.
  • Evil Is Cool: Black Manta is well-liked due to his cool design, technology and fighting ability. All of which allows him to take on Aquaman despite being just a Badass Normal.
  • Love to Hate: Black Manta rivals Professor Zoom in terms of dickery but is loved for both this as well as his coolness.
  • Memetic Badass: Black Manta, a Scary Black Man whose dickery rivals that of Professor Zoom. The kicker? He is just a Badass Normal with Powered Armor who is enemies with the ruler of Atlantis, who is naturally more powerful than him.

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