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     For the manga/anime 
  • Angst? What Angst?: Train in the later half of the manga. He gets shot by a bullet that is known to transform people into monsters, yet just shrugs it off (despite everyone else including the Big Bad panicking). When he turns into a kid, his first thoughts are that it'll make meals and bus tickets cheaper. When asked if he's concerned that Creed is trying to bring about The End of the World as We Know It, he answers no, and that he's mainly concerned with what's for lunch.
  • Complete Monster: Doctor Kosuke Kanzaki sadistically conducts a number of awful experiments over the course of the series, including transforming a man into a werewolf; brainwashing captured bounty hunters into fighting their friends; and trapping Train in a illusory world where the very people he cares about most are trying to kill him. Fascinated by ten-year old Eve's power to shapeshift, the Doctor kidnaps her towards the end of the series, planning to vivisect her in order to discover how her abilities work. Loyal only to himself and driven by his need to know, the Doctor outshines even Creed Diskenth when it comes to villainy.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Anime-only: how Train was shown to be much cooler and badass before he became a pacifist.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Many fangirls excuse Creed's sociopathic tendencies because of his Dark and Troubled Past, despite the fact that Train's had it even worse.
    • Some Apostles naturally get this treatment. Shiki's nearly morally bankrupt, but s/he's beautiful. Charden has done terrible things on a vengeful crusade, but he's such a gentleman. Kyoko's an obsessive, psychotic pyromaniac, but she's so funny and adorable. Echidna's a conniving bitch, but she's sexy. Durham's a Trigger Happy psycho, but he's so cool. Leon's a budding psychopath, but he's such a cute little kid. And the Doctor...wait, even fans know there are no excuses for that asshole.
    • Also Shaolee, who spends his time deceiving people, is actually one of the cruelest Numbers and is quite creepy when you think about it, but looks just so pretty.
  • Ending Fatigue: The Eden arc is utterly baffling. The anime wraps up the final battle from the manga and the series seems set to end, when suddenly a whole new arc comes right out of nowhere that retcons Eve's purpose and has only a single, hard-to-miss piece of foreshadowing. What's even more frustrating is that it has no reason to exist (the anime aired nearly a year after the manga ended, so it's not like they had to make something up for an ending) and its existence means Dr. Tearju is completely removed from the story until the Eden arc comes, which leads to a glaring Plot Hole in Kid Train's recovery, which is sloppily patched by him just... getting better. For no reason.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The anime version of Kyoko, which makes her an almost completely heroic character in contrast to her darker manga self, is pretty much the most popular character outside of the main cast and gets often shipped with Train by fans of the series.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Echidna, although she oddly never makes use of it. Kyoko too to a lesser extent. As for male villains, Creed, Shiki, Charden, and even the Doctor are very attractive.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Train/Saya is a popular ship, even though the latter was killed off in the first arc of the series. The fact that some dubs of the anime removed the platonic element of their relationships and implied outright that Train was in love with her only helps.
    • Train/Kyoko is surprisingly popular as well, in no small part due to both the anime and manga giving a lot of Ship Tease.
    • All of the Yaoi Fangirls want to see Creed and Train together. (Well, except for the small amount that go for Sven/Train.)
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Nice jumpsuit, Creed. Did it come with the open chest, or did you cut it out yourself?
  • Faux Symbolism: The series is littered with mythological naming and imagery that don't really seem to have a purpose.
    • Until the anime's sort-of Gecko Ending - Eden, inhabited by Adam and Eve, and apples and snakes are involved. You can figure the rest out on your own.
  • Foe Yay/Ho Yay: The romantic/sexual tension between Creed and Train. Though it's rather one-sided, as Train clearly has zero intention of returning Creed's affections. In fact, he doesn't even seem be aware of them, which is very impressive.
  • It Was His Sled: If you start the series through the anime, what happens to Saya should be obvious due to the huge amount of foreshadowing in the opening and ending.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Creed murders Saya simply for the humanizing influence she has on Train. And after suffering a nasty injury that might have made people sympathize with him, he then tries to turn Sven into a mindless monster.
    • When facing down Sven, Torneo is all ready to use a nanotech drug on Eve to force her to become a mindless killing machine. Train shoots it out of his hand to stop him.
    • All of the Doctor's experiments put him far over the line.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Baldor isn't always wrong. A telling example is when one of Creed's Mooks blows himself up when Eve tries to help him, right after Baldor talked about how mercy is useless. Who's the Strawman again?
  • Toy Ship: Eve and Leon.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Deak Slakthy is considered so Bishōnen that it's hard to tell he's male until he starts ranting about how much he hates women.

    For the comic character 
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • In the second volume of Silk Felicia has a more grey morality outlook, and many fans are hopeful that she will return to her more Anti-Villain personality. This is further solidified in Venom Inc. Omega, which has Felicia's empire destroyed and Eddie Brock telling her being a villain didn't suit her and to go back being a hero. Her return to the hero side is finalized in Defenders 2017 were she gives up on being kingpin, and to avoid jail time gives police info on all the other would be kingpins.
    • Amazing Spider-Man: Hunted gives a bit of retroactive reasoning for her change from Anti-Hero to Queenpin. The events of One More Day cause Felicia to forget almost the entirety of her time with Spider-Man/Peter Parker which is also where most of her Character Development came from.
  • Base-Breaking Character: She's seen as either a cheap Catwoman knockoff with no likable qualities who is completely out of place in Spider-Man's world or a fun, interesting character who has great chemistry with Peter whether they are dating or not.
  • Broken Base: Everything about her new villainous attitude (see down on They Changed It, Now It Sucks!). Even those who appreciate the Author's Saving Throw above are not completely convinced, because the argument is: is Felicia invoking Even Evil Has Standards on something as monstrous as Goblin Nation, or is she just trying to eliminate competition? The fact that she remains ambiguous about her reasons (and may even just be trying some alternate means to corrupt Silk when "Evil Pays Better" just doesn't seems to be cutting it fast enough) doesn't helps any. And that's not even getting into whether or not you think she paid enough for all that she tried to do to Spidey out of spite.
  • Character Rerailment: Nick Spencer restoring Felicia's memory of Spider-Man's secret identity has been well received by fans.
  • Cant Unhear It: For many who were introduced to the character through Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Jennifer Hale is the voice most associated with Felicia. For fans of The Spectacular Spider Man it will likely by Tricia Helfer.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The second most popular love interest after Mary Jane.
  • Fan Discontinuity: Felicia's fans would rather forget about her retconned backstory of being a rape victim in Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do. Her "Queenpin" phase isn't looked back on with much fondness either.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Black Cat/Spider-Man. Despite all the chaos that's been going on lately, they still have a huge dedicated fanbase who just want to see them kiss and make up already. It's second only to Spidey/MJ.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In issue 3 of her 90s miniseries, Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat, Felicia makes the quip, "Sorry, was "snap, crackle and pop too much of a baby boomer reference for you? ". With the rise of the "okay, boomer" meme, Felicia mocking someone for not understanding a baby boomer reference is pretty funny.
  • Magnificent Bitch:
    • The Spectacular Spider Man: Black Cat, Felicia Hardy, is a charismatic, seductive thief who balances her criminal career with a genuine attraction for the heroic Spider-Man. Black Cat always goes out of her way to help Spider-Man in any way she can while simultaneously using him to further her own thrill-seeking ways, in one instance helping him to clear his name from a frame-up to serve as a cover while she swipes the mayor of New York's priceless tiger necklace under everyone's noses. Capable of infiltrating high security locations with minimal effort, Black Cat even breaks into the secure prison the Vault to free her imprisoned father, taking time during the rescue to concoct a scheme that quells a Prison Riot, and even when she grows to blame Spider-Man for her father being left behind in the prison, she jumps to his rescue and scares off the Green Goblin to save the webhead's life one last time.
    • Spider-Man (PS4): Felicia Hardy, the current Black Cat, is a brilliant master thief that steals for the thrill of it – but only choosing to rob those who can afford it or those that "deserve" it. In the main game proper, Cat leads Spidey on a hunt for her Cat Dolls challenging him to stop her from stealing $50 million dollars worth of loot. This was all a ruse, with the loot being a lure to distract Spidey while her Dolls shut down the police department's security systems, allowing Cat to recover her confiscated equipment. In The Heist DLC, Black Cat is working to steal Maggia drives that contain financial information for Hammerhead, telling Spidey that he has her son hostage and letting Spidey believe he might be the father. This was a lie so that she could recruit Spidey's help in stealing the drives for herself and she promptly fakes her own death, only resurfacing one last time to save Spidey from Hammerhead and give him information on how to take down the Mob boss for good. A thief at heart, Felicia nonetheless has a strong conscience while still loving Spider-Man, while fully using this to her ruthless advantage.
  • My Real Daddy: Created by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard, the characteristics that Felicia is now known for, an amoral sexy cat burglar who loves Spider-Man but dislikes Peter Parker was more or less created by Roger Stern and Bill Mantlo. The latter wrote what is considered the best story arc Felicia was involved in (The Owl/Octopus War) and the famous issue (Spectacular Spider-Man #87) where Peter reveals his identity to her and she rejects the man behind the mask wishing for her idealized man instead.
  • One True Threesome: Peter, MJ and Felicia is sometimes used as a third option to Peter/MJ vs Peter/Felicia by shippers.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • During the events of Superior Spider-Man Felicia was attacked by Spider-Ock, and she wound up swearing to get revenge. After Peter's return she became an outright Ax-Crazy psycho who wants to destroy everything about him and doesn't care that he was under someone else's control, attempting to harm anyone and everything else in the process and even joining forces with several past Spider-Man villains to do so, even several that she used to be enemies with. Fans of Felicia in her Anti-Hero days have not been happy. The not so subtle implication that this was all done primarily to further solidify Silk as Peter's love interest didn't help.
    • The revelation on the post-Secret Wars (2015) that she somehow managed to convince Silk to be part of her criminal enterprise and she absolutely loathes the latter trying to be the Token Good Teammate (and all of her appearances before that having her being a sociopathic harridan that sees killing Silk's only means to find her parents as "a favor" and seriously wants to recruit people by convincing them that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and Evil Pays Better (well, it will with her in charge-she's gunning to become the next Kingpin of New York)).... yeah, people are hating the new her very much.
    • Kevin Smith retconning Rape as Backstory for Black Cat's origin was received negatively by many fans, who saw it as the unnecessary darkening of what'd been a rather light-hearted character.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: While most of the alterations that have been made to Black Cat's outfit over the years have been fairly minor—replacing white elements with black, adding or removing fur—she has had three radical redesigns, none of which have been very good:
    • At one point during the 1980s, she donned a garish ensemble that looked kind of like a Distaff Counterpart to the infamous "disco suit" once worn by Nightwing.
    • In the Claws duology, she had Too Many Belts, big bulky brown knee and elbow pads, exoskeletal gloves, and a weird mask that gave her fluorescent green Animal Eyes.
    • Her "evil" costume that she gained in 2014. When it first appeared, it was fine: all of the white fur has been made black and she got a serrated chain-whip thing as a belt (though it admittedly had no apparent means of actually attaching to her.) And cat eyes were put on her chest that made her rather creepy. Cool. Then it appeared again and the cat eyes were moved to her shoulders... and she now basically has a cat head on her chest... because her boobs form the cat's nose... yes, really. And we're suppose to take her seriously as a threat.
  • The Woobie: Sometimes crosses with Jerkass Woobie but Felicia does have a great deal of tragedy in her life. Her dad went to jail when she was a kid, she was date raped by her college boyfriend, both her relationships with Peter and Flash ended badly (though she was to blame both times) and in the case of Peter it is clear that she deeply regrets it. Superior Spider-Man has her getting beat up by Ock and thrown in jail which causes her to lose everything and end up becoming a mob boss. In Nick Spencer's run, it is revealed that Felicia was aware that she used to know Spider-Man's secret identity and was very close to him but doesn't remember his name or what he looks like under the mask. This was a source of great emotional turmoil for her and was also what influenced her decision to become a mob boss.
  • Win Back the Crowd: The restoration of Felicia's memories of Peter's identity in Nick Spencer's run and her being back to a thief, albeit one with some moral lines she won't cross, have been greatly appreciated by fans that disliked the turn the character took ever since One More Day reset the Spider-Man status quo.

     For the Hong Kong movies 

  • The Woobie: Let's face it, Catherine, a normal, if somewhat over-aggressive and tomboyish, college student went through serious crap in the first movie, and her being subject to further experimentation to strip her of her humanity and becoming an assassin against her will, is depressing enough to make audiences feel bad for her. Not to mention finally finding a man who truly cares for her and love her, but forced to abandon him because of her allegiance to being an assassin.
  • Tear Jerker: When Catherine is forced to shoot Allen in order to preserve her identity as an assassin. Yes, he survives, but she doesn't know that, and the movie ends with her oblivious to Allen's true fate.


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