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The TV series


The Film:

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Thomas dead at the end of the movie? Nolan seems to have full control at the end, and the last we see of Thomas is him stepping onto the void, implying he has ceased existing. However, given that he is basically a digital copy of the original Thomas, whether he is dead, shut down, or is still alive in some form within Nolan's mind has yet to be clarified. Making it even muddier is Dr. Brooks seeing him in the headset at the end.
  • He Really Can Act: Mamoudou Athie's acting as both Nolan, Amnesiac!Nolan and Thomas in Nolan's body is praised by fans and critics alike.
    • Phylicia Rashad is no slack either, playing both a doting doctor and a Mad Scientist playing God.

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