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YMMV / Birds of a Feather

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YMMV tropes for the fanfic:

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Ken's encounter with the scientist responsible for making him a Coordinator, Doctor Heinrich Metzinger. Metzinger turned up once, long enough to be sliced in half, and was scarcely mentioned again. In actual fact, this was part of a poorly-handled attempt by the author at a Metal Gear Solid Shout-Out, most of which was ultimately mostly abandoned. The author has vague plans of turning the botched plot into the basis for a further installment of the Falconverse, but for the moment, this sequence remains orphaned and seemingly inexplicable.
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  • "Common Knowledge": Thanks to the author naming the Neutron Stampede platform as the Marie Curienote , almost everyone now believes that to be the name of the ship, despite being officially unnamed.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: This fic spawned a trend of fanfics with a ZAFT-centric POV, as well as a greater awareness of SEED-MSV character Shiho Hahnenfuss.
    • Also, OC Karen Willet seems to have reached this status.


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