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YMMV / Bionicle Adventures

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Robomaniac7 loves these.
    • In The Kid Torturing Bionicle At Wal-Mart, David is walking around in Wal-Mart and randomly gets shot.
    • "Hello, I am Mr. Stupid, and I approve of this message."
    • Compilation of Short Bionicle Movies has a ton.
      • Daniel, Paul, and Brandon interrupt the announcements by killing one of the announcers. Brandon then sees a clay man and tries to talk to him, but then kills him.
      • Kevin kills David for no reason.
      • There's a parody of a horror movie, with a Robomaniac twist: Monkeydude kills everyone.
      • Brandon critiques the above horror movie before watching Daniel and Paul get chased around by a robot.
      • A Transformers-like robot transforms into its humanoid form, and watches as another robot transforms into a flying vehicle.
      • The torturing guy walks into a car shop and rants about world domination before getting killed.
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    • During Jonny's New Year's Eve Party, Daniel, Brandon, and Paul quickly run to Jonny's house with the Sonic Heroes theme playing in the background...and then Paul falls flat on his face for no reason whatsoever.
    • The incomplete episode Yellow appears to be one of these.
    • At the beginning of Scarbucks, a Living Prop background character rides a mining vehicle past the Scarbucks and randomly crashes into something off-screen. David's unconscious body is all we get to see of the crash.
    • Alfredo making racecar noises as he runs down the road with Daniel, Paul, and Brandon riding on his back.
    • Alfredo's exit in the same scene: "Um...*fart* g'bye!" *more racecar noises*


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