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YMMV / Billie Piper

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  • Awesome Music: "Day & Night".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Go back and watch her video for "Because We Want To." See if you can watch the beginning (when she gets beamed down from a giant spaceship) and not make a Doctor Who reference. There's even a very Judoon-like anthropomorphic rhino in the video, and at one point she zaps a trash can, conveniently the same shape as a Dalek, foreshadowing her first time as the Bad Wolf. Even funnier? The video was released 7 years before the revival series aired!
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  • She Really Can Act: The announcement that she would be cast as the first regular companion in the revived Doctor Who aroused some hostility from fans, with a vocal faction convinced that she was a non-acting celebrity who would be unable to keep up with Christopher Eccleston and would prevent the show from being taken seriously. By the time she left the series, even fans who didn't like Rose as a character rarely disputed her acting ability.


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