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YMMV / Bikini Warriors

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  • Fetish Retardant: In one of the OVA episodes, Necromancer summons a bunch of undead cats and has them lick the heroines. The way it's framed shows that it's supposed to be Fanservice, but many people found it to be gross instead due to being a (literally) unholy combination of necrophilia with bestiality. Not to mention the Fridge Logic of the cats still having tongues in spite of having been reduced to skeletons.
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  • Fridge Horror: Episode 9 shows that Death Is Cheap for the heroines, as even if they die they can be resurrected if their companions pay a tribute to the town church. So, how many times have they died off-screen? Given how Too Dumb to Live they are shown to be, "a lot" seems like a safe bet.
  • Les Yay: The series has an all-female cast, so this was unavoidable. Examples include Fighter groping Paladin while under the effects of a suspicious potion and Paladin admitting in a later episode that she wants to lick Mage's body. Then there is the ending of episode 8.
  • Moe: Mage as a cute, little, cowardly witch. Ai Kakuma's performance is certainly a plus.

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