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  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Legarski getting shot by Cassie. His being bludgeoned to death by Merrilee could also count.
    • Ronald getting shocked by Scarlett with his own taser definitely feels like A Taste of Their Own Medicine.
    • Jerrie helping take part in Ronald's capture...even if it's only temporary in the end.
    • Wagy getting taken down by Jenny and Cassie recording him, his arrest and Cassie putting him in the back of the car while he’s cuffed are all pretty satisfying moments.
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    • Rand, John Wayne, and Horst each meeting their ends at the hands of the women they had been antagonizing. Special mention goes to Horst, who chokes on his own pills after Margaret, having had enough of his abuse, purposefully shatters the glass of water that would have alleviated him.
    • The gunman who shot Jenny getting strangled to death by Ronald.
  • Idiot Ball: Jenny calling out to the armed gunman and getting herself shot feels like an incredibly stupid moment written in simply for convenience of plot.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Season 1: Cheyenne Kleinsasser is the only daughter of Horst and the youngest of his four children. Seeking to free her mother Margaret from Horst's hostile control and knowing her brothers J.W. and Rand framed her other brother Blake to get the family ranch, Cheyenne berates Margaret to instill anger in her and get her to quit her pill addiction. Witnessing Blake's murder at J.W.'s hands, Cheyenne stages his death as either accidental or suicide to hold it over J.W., takes possession of the belt of a ranch hand Rand killed as insurance too and then also feeds information to PIs Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell to help them with their investigation as well. After Rand is killed and Cheyenne kills J.W. in self-defense, Cheyenne helps cover up Margaret's murder of Horst and then takes possession of the ranch for them alone.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Creepy looks from Ronald definitely get this treatment.
    • Legarski saying "Easy Peasy" also fits the bill.
    • Ronald’s truck about to collide with the Sullivan sisters in their car.


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