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YMMV / Big Fat Liar

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  • Anvilicious: Lying is bad. Granted, the main antagonist of the movie lied when he claimed BFL was his own work, which was plagiarism (a big no-no in the fields of entertainment and other forms of media).
  • Broken Aesop: Shepherd lies all the time but Wolf is the bad guy because he is a "big fat liar".
  • Designated Hero: While Wolf is undoubtedly a self-centred Jerkass who deserves to be punished and exposed, Shepherd himself is a pathological liar who constantly gets other people in trouble or causes them distress, and even some of his pranks against Wolf verge into actually putting lives in danger.
    • On the flip side, Wolf's handling of all of his employees and subordinates wouldn't exactly make him look credible in front of a justice no matter how justified his litigation against Jason would be. Guess whose side they're taking if it does go to court?
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  • Ham and Cheese: Paul Giamatti absolutely loses his shit in this movie and it is glorious.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Lee Majors' appearance as the aging stunt director Vince, a reference to his former role as Colt Seavers on The Fall Guy, is this given that The Fall Guy creator and executive producer Glen A. Larson was himself actually accused of plagiarism by actor James Garner, in which Garner wrote in his autobiography that Larson stole a number of ideas from The Rockford Files, which Garner starred in and co-produced through his production company, Cherokee Productions, and used them for his own shows, putting different characters in them, and continued to do so even though Garner complained to the Writers' Guild of America and the WGA subsequently fined Larson, even copying The Rockford Files's own theme song for one of his shows.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Wolf getting dyed completely blue, which in 2010, might make some people wonder if Jason and Kaylee were going for a smurfy cat look...
  • Signature Scene: Paul Giamatti turned blue in this movie.
  • Special Effects Failure: When Marty jumps into the pool, not knowing it's been filled with blue dye, if you pause at the right time, he turns blue before he even touches the pool. This shows that they just slapped a blue filter on the camera during that moment.
  • Trailer Joke Decay: The tow truck driver's line, "They told me to pick up a little blue car. They didn't say anything about a little blue man!" was in every single trailer and TV spot for the film.
  • Values Resonance: The line "The truth is not overrated," and the idea that all of Marty's employees go through drastic measures to bring out the truth about him, and how he uses his power to abuse them really rings true today, with more people coming out with the truth about people of power (especially in Hollywood) using their power to be cruel and abusive to their employees (actors, writers, etc.).

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