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YMMV / Beta Ray Bill

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  • Expy: To Captain America. Compare Erskine's super-soldier program and the Korbinite effort to create an ultimate warrior and the parallels are quite strong, although the tech levels result in a far different scale of super-humanity.
  • Funny Moments: In Thor and the Warriors Four, Bill goes on a comedic Humiliation Conga.
    • The cover for the second features a gleeful Katie Power chasing after a frantic, sweating Bill while shouting "Pony!"
    • In the issue itself, she offers Bill a carrot... which he reluctantly accepts.
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    • Then, when Thor is de-aged, so is he, and he becomes the most adorable little horse-creature ever. Which Thor proceeds to ride on.
    • As they approach their normal ages, Thor and Bill become teenagers. Bill ends up with an afro and braces.

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