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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Was Belzebuth telling the truth about Canetti sacrificing children to back out of his pact with him? There's evidence for and against it. The apparitions of the children at the end could either be the children Canetti sacrificed, or they could be the children Belzebuth had murdered. And given his reputation as the "father of lies", it seems likely.
  • Complete Monster: Belzebuth is none other than Satan himself. Hellbent on cementing his reign over the earth, he does everything in his power to ensure that the Second Coming never reaches fruition. A thousand years after the death of Jesus, he engineered the First Crusade, causing thousands of deaths, including that of the new Christ child. Nearly another millennium later, Belzebuth started possessing hosts to kill large groups of children and then themselves, with newborn babies among these children, and demanding child sacrifices in exchange for backing out of pacts made with him. He possesses Detective Emmanuel Ritter after luring him into his grasp with the promise of returning his wife and child to him, and uses Ritter to carry out more chaos and violence with the aim of murdering Isa, the reincarnation of Christ.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Belzebuth was way, way past it before the start of the movie. Yes, even before massacring an entire nursery.
    • Subverted with Canetti, who started offering up child sacrifices to Belzebuth to back out of their deal. At the end, he redeems himself by sealing away Belzebuth for good, even though it ends up costing him his own life. And even then, it's unclear for sure if Belzebuth was even telling the truth.

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