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For the 2018 Roguelike:

  • Awesome Music: Jim Guthrie proved his talent back when he worked on Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and he didn't let up here either.
    • Moth to a Flame is a haunting, darkly atmospheric track that plays as you are about to enter the caves, and sums up not just how unlikely are you to survive, but also how foolish to willingly sail to that island and descend down those caves in the first place.
    • Progression is an initially very slow and subtle piece that very, very gradually ramps up, until it becomes one of the most fast-paced and energetic tracks in the game, thus literally living up to its title.
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    • In The Pocket is a deceptively simple piece that gradually creeps in as it goes, and is very hard to stop listening to.
    • Loops is probably the moodiest track of the entire game.