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YMMV / Before Sunrise

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  • Award Snub: Before Sunset and Before Midnight earned Best Adapted Screenplay nominations, but the leads and director never got nominated for their performances.
  • Even Better Sequel:
    • Many critics thought Before Sunset was superior to the original film and attributed this to how the characters, actors and directors matured over the years, as well as Hawke and Delpy's contribution to the screenplay (which was nominated for an Oscar).
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    • The same is being said now about Before Midnight.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Of the meta kind. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are rather unconventional in that they don't have much of a plot or structure of any kind. Hell, they barely have a score. Before Midnight, however, is more like a traditional, conventional film - a reflection of Jesse and Celine, and how theirs has become a conventional adult relationship.
  • Values Dissonance: Celine is an environmentalist, yet she smokes. That may be acceptable in France. In the USA, smoking tobacco is the last thing an environmentalist would be doing.

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