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YMMV / Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

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  • Broken Base: Many fans cannot agree if the game was good or not, or if it was a good Battlefield game in comparison to its PC counterpart or the original Bad Company game.
  • Complete Monster: Commander 31, the leader of a powerful terrorist group called The Burning Flag, seeks to Take Over the World. To this end, Commander 31 orchestrated the long and devastating war between China and NATO, which resulted in the deaths of thousands. When he believed that all sides of the war were weakened enough, he revealed himself, proudly announcing his intention of destroying part of the world with nuclear weapons, so he alone could rule the rest. As either China or NATO track him down, Commander 31 tries to launch nuclear missiles upon China, the United States, the Middle East, and Europe.
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  • Difficulty Spike: The moment a mission asks you to hold a position or capture a heavily defended enemy command post, you start to feel the ineptitude of your AI teammates and the unfairness of enemy units always aiming to kill you rather than your teammates, in moments like this you start to see how fast your team's tickets (lives shared by the entire team) plummet to zero.

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