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  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Direwolves. Stupidly fast and evasive with very high damage, a low-level company can get wiped out by three of them, even if they have a spear wall up.
    • Geists. Their high evasive stats, multiple attacks that can pass through armor, and ability to cause soldiers to rout made them as annoying as Direwolves.
    • Ancient Legionaries have pretty heavy armour and constantly use Shieldwall to buff their defence to the point that you might only have a 5-15% chance of even hitting them. Unlike every other enemy, they can spam this ability forever because they don't have to worry about Fatigue. Combine the shield Legionaries with the Billman variant that skulks behind the shield line stabbing you with lances for massive damage, and they can frequently cross from a tedious annoyance into Demonic Spiders territory.
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    • Necromancers love to hide at the back of the map, constantly bringing their zombies back to life and making them much more deadly through possession. If protected by shield-holding Wiedergangers, they can often happily ignore your ranged Brothers and drag out short fights against a few Undead into horribly protracted affairs that take dozens of turns.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • During the early-mid game, Brigand Raiders and Brigand Marksmen - with emphasis on the Marksmen. Raiders are a big jump up from Thugs, with far better weapons, armour and morale...but they still come in large numbers too. During the early-mid-game transition when the player typically doesn't have much armour, Brigand Marksmen can one-shot your soldiers and usually have the ability to outshoot your own ranged specialists too. Meanwhile the Raiders often outnumber your party and have better armour, skills and weapons. The worst thing? They always appear together.
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    • Orc Warriors. Unlike Orc Young and Orc Berserkers (both of which hit like trucks but otherwise die easily), Orc Warriors are more than capable of killing your best soldiers and at the same time they have the thickest armour in the game. It's often a rude awakening to go from hacking up the other Orc soldiers to suddenly having one guy who your whole team struggles to wear down. And then you find an encounter with "several" or "many" of these behemoths...
    • Goblins. After slicing up hulking Orcs, clever Brigands, elite Noble troops and the relentless Undead, it's very easy to assume that little Goblins will be a pushover. They're really not. In fact, many players simply avoid fighting them completely. They are very deadly at range with pin-point accurate, armour piercing poison arrows and combine this with annoying throwing weapons that maim and immobilise your melee troops. And when you finally get close to them to take advantage of their weak armour? They have annoyingly high evasion, meaning you'll struggle to land the killing blow. Combined with all this, they usually use spears which have a large hit chance they almost never miss and keep piling horrendous damage on you while you often can't reliably hit them back.
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    • Alps, one of the new creatures added in the Beasts and Exploration DLC. They attack by putting your men to sleep, then deal direct damage to the sleeping the following turn(s). Armor doesn't do anything since Alps don't even have a melee attack, they have long range and can still move a bit even after sending your men to sleep, resistant to ranged attacks, and the battles against them are tediously long because they retreat alot when your men get close.

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