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  • Complete Monster:
    • Batman (1989): The Joker, real name Jack Napier, is an insane, sadistic criminal. Murdering the young Bruce Wayne's parents, Jack is only stopped from killing the boy himself when his partner warns him the cops are approaching. After being transformed into the Joker, Jack goes on to kill the mob boss who betrayed him, before killing the other Mafia higher ups to take over the Gotham syndicate. Using Smylex mixed in with everyday products, Jack causes a string of deaths of unsuspecting innocents. Jack also abuses his girlfriend, Alicia Hunt, disfiguring and eventually killing her, before trying to seduce Vicki Vale immediately after her death. Taking advantage of Gotham's 200th anniversary parade, Jack tries to gas the gathered civilians with Smylex to amuse himself and takes out his frustration over Batman stopping his plans by killing his loyal second-in-command.
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    • Batman & Robin: Poison Ivy, formerly Dr. Pamela Isley, relishing in her newfound power, declares herself Mother Nature and wishes to start anew for the world. Delighting in murdering numerous men with her painful poison kiss, Ivy tries to turn Batman and Robin against one another with her pheromones, seemingly murdering the sleeping Nora Fries to provoke Nora's husband, Mr. Freeze, to true despair. Deciding to help him kill every living thing in the world after freezing Gotham solid, Ivy intends to enact her own fantasies of creation upon the new world she creates.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: There's no shortage of fans that consider Batman Forever and Batman & Robin to never have happened. Multiverse crossovers such as Crisis on Infinite Earths and the DC Extended Universe's upcoming film based on The Flash have reinforced this a great deal, with the use of "Earth-89" (and a cameo of Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox) for the former and the return of Michael Keaton as Batman in the latter.
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  • Only the Creator Does It Right: The first two directed by Tim Burton are considered the best. And for very good reasons.
  • Rooting for the Empire: The films all had a great deal of hype surrounding who the villains would be and who would be playing them. In fact, the villain roles often went to bigger stars such as Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman. It helped that the series had the tendency to have its villains be Jerkass Woobies, with backstories to justify their nastiness; Jack Napier was himself a victim of conspiracy and betrayal (although he partially brought it on himself), Oswald Cobblepot had just about the worst life anyone could imagine, Selina Kyle was repressing a whole lot of rage at workplace mistreatment, Edward Nygma worked for a very high-handed supervisor, Victor Fries nearly lost his wife, and Pamela Isley had her research stolen and perverted toward evil purposes. Not to mention that Napier, Cobblepot, Kyle and Isley all survived attempts on their life.
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  • Sequelitis: The two Tim Burton films (Batman and Batman Returns) are unquestionably the most well regarded of the bunch. Batman Forever got mixed reviews by comparison, and Batman & Robin was outright panned.


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