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YMMV / Barajou no Kiss

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  • Ending Aversion: Unfortunately, the manga falls into this during several of its arcs, and the worst one happens to be its final ending. Not only Strangled by the Red String happens, but also the final battle was pretty much Anis telling the church that they are invincible. The threat of the demon lord is Handwaved when Mutsuki says he can take the powers of the demon lord if the seal is broken, therefore the problem is magically solved. Schwartz inexplicably escapes and somehow things are okay between him and Anis. Then there's a Time Skip to the epilogue without so much as an explanation. This was apparently due to Executive Meddling forcing the series to be Cut Short.
  • Ho Yay: Tenjou and Mutsuki so much. Seiran and Kaede's Bromance is exhibited oh-so much.
    • Alternatively they could be Nightmare Fuel given this.
    • How close Yakou and Idel are is questionable, when you have artwork of Idel lying on top of him, and when the two value each other's company out of everyone else in the world. It helps that Aya Shouoto has made several works of the Yaoi Genre.
    • Les Yay: Galacta/Ella is obsessed with Anis to almost a Yandere way.
  • Moe: Seiran. Seriously, being cute is one of the only things he does in the series (and he's pretty good at it too).
  • Strangled by the Red String: The endgame couple is Kaede and Anis, but several chapters ago, Anis was reluctant to admit her feelings, so this sudden development is a little unrealistic.
  • The Woobie: Seiran starts off as this but that particular trope gets passed around through all of the Rose Knights with rather distressing frequency.


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