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  • Complete Monster:
    • The Red King is the Big Bad of the series as a whole, empowering supernatural beings to run rampant in the world and bringing about the plague to devastate all of humanity. When he is summoned into the world in the form of Baltimore's best friend Thomas Childress, the Red King is revolted by the very notion of feeling human and sends his armies to slaughter humans in massive numbers while conducting massacres himself to contact the gods who used to serve him. Deciding to "crown" himself to regain his own powers, the Red King attempts a ritual fueled by the deaths of countless innocent people, intending to rule the Earth as a realm of suffering and chaos forevermore.
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    • The comic version of Vampire Monarch Haigus is the object of Henry Baltimore's pursuit. When inadvertently awoken from his slumber by Baltimore, Haigus spends time tormenting Baltimore turning his family into vampires and saving Baltimore's beloved wife for last. He leaves his wife for Baltimore to find, which forces him to destroy his family when they rise. Haigus spreads his plague throughout all of Europe, occasionally massacring entire villages and leaving the bodies strewn all over for Baltimore to find. He resumes his worship of the monstrous Red King and begins preparing the way for the Red King to return and obliterate the world of men. Haigus eventually tires from the endless pursuits and opts to die at Baltimore's hands, but takes delight knowing he's taken everything from him, and tries to murder Baltimore's only remaining friends before taunting Baltimore how he will never, ever know peace.
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    • The Curse Bells storyline: The nameless warlock, who is clearly Adolf Hitler, note  is a greedy, ambitious man who keeps a large amount of vampiric nuns enslaved to him with the lie he will heal them of vampirism. The warlock uses a dark ritual to resurrect a long-dead witch by feeding her ashes and blood to a pregnant woman so the witch rips its way out of her. The warlock has her curse the bells of the cathedral he uses as a base which will Mind Rape anyone who hears the bells into his slaves with whom he will enslave the world and purge any in the way. The warlock also reveals that he gained his mystic knowledge by entrapping a supernatural leaving a baby for it to eat and catching it while it bathed after the meal.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped - Though done far more subtly than usual; the whole point of the book is that war is a horrible, horrible thing, regardless against whom or over what it is fought.

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