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YMMV / Baldmoney Sneezewort Dodder And Cloudberry

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Alternative Character Interpretation: Dodder, Cloudberry, Baldmoney and Sneezewort are the sons of Gurtweed from Forest Of Boland Light Railway. This would explain Dodder's interest in fishing, Baldmoney's skill with machinery, and their extremely long lifespan inherited from their grandfather Hal O' Hobb. Some unknown disaster probably befell the settlement at Boland Banks, such as the dumping of toxic waste by humans during the Industrial Revolution This would have forced Hal's successor Lobgob and the other gnomes to migrate to a more sparsely populated region such as Wales, Cornwall or the Scottish Highlands. For Gurtweed and the small minority who said I Choose to Stay, society regressed to a more primitive hunter gatherer form as the technology invented by Lobgob gradually stopped working.


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