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YMMV / Bahamut Lagoon

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • If you take all the dialogue trees as being in-character for Byuu, it becomes apparent that he's a two-faced manipulative Jerkass who toys with the emotions of those around him for fun, including Yoyo, who's supposed to be his beloved (to the point where, regardless of how the player feels, isn't all that concerned that his lover loves another man). He has no objection to torturing suspects, and happily hires assassins to take out his "friends" just to amuse himself. He's a sociopathic recluse who cares for nothing except his dragons, and maybe Frederica. He also steals mushrooms!
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    • Princess Yoyo. Is she simply a naive, inexperienced, yet nice woman who just happened to get tangled in an unfortunate Love Dodecahedron or is it something else? The narrative seems to lean toward the latter. However, portions of the fanbase often picture her a selfish, two-timing slut, among other things. Not helping was the fact that it was (and still is) rather uncommon for a young male protagonist to NOT end up with the main female lead, particularly of the childhood friend variety.
  • Awesome Music: The game has a somewhat unique soundtrack among SNES RPG's, being kind of jazzy as per the stylings of Noriko Matsueda. The battle theme will stay with you for a while.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Frederica, if her ending second in the Video Game Saimoe is any indication. Might explain the below point.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: The Japanese fans ship Byuu and Frederica despite there being little evidence, and Byuu and Yoyo, who broke up in-game.
  • Game-Breaker: You can feed the dragons items to power them up and give them new forms. One of Salamander's forms is called Phoenix, and it is literally invulnerable. Just give it the command Go, and it will destroy every enemy on the map for you while you sit on the sidelines. (Technically, since dragons in Bahamut Lagoon are linked to a unit of soldiers, it's still possible for Salamander's final form to be beaten indirectly if his soldiers are all killed... but as a practical matter, you can just hide them in the corner of the map while your invincible dragon kills everything for you. And the AI isn't smart enough to take advantage of this.)
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • In Japan, Princess Yoyo has been firmly lodged at the top of Square's unholy trinity of most hated female characters above even Princess Alicia and Mireille. And sometimes jokingly Rinoa.
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    • This game may have inspired 2chan's constantly used Vader Breath meme.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Yoyo is positively despised by a good portion of people who have played the game (which, in North America, translates to not many) for choosing another man over the main character Byuu. While she certainly could have handled the Love Triangle better, its not rare to find her being portrayed as a selfish slut where in game, she's more of a naive Dude Magnet.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Princess Yoyo (see Alternate Character Interpretation above), with many of the feelings of dislike stemming from what some have perceived as one of the earliest cases of NTR in video games (i.e. the resolution of her romantic subplot, especially when the player has responded positively in the flashback sequence with Byuu and Yoyo).
      • Palpaleos occasional gets this as well, mostly due to association with the above.
  • Ugly Cute: They were aiming for a Moogle-like Ridiculously Cute Critter (might have even been moogles at one stage in development), but the Minidevils were more this, judging by their artwork.
  • Unfortunate Character Design:
    • Yoyo's first battle sprite makes her look like she has a giant chin (which is, in fact, her neck).
    • Diana has a large ribbon around her waist. It looks more like a tail.
    • Mist's map sprite is extremely thin, like one pixel wide and makes her body look more like a flower stem.
  • Urban Legends: It was rumored that this game was a prototype of Final Fantasy Tactics, but there isn't any evidence to support this. It's very unlikely as Final Fantasy Tactics was a thematic spin-off of Tactics Ogre.

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