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  • Badass Decay: HR is a shadow of his former self on stage these days. Whereas in the earlier days, he'd be running around on stage, screaming his ass off and generally just being as punk as a man can be, now he mostly just stands still and barely puts any emotion into his performance at all.
  • Crazy Awesome: HR in his earlier days. Take a look at any old live footage and you'll see performance unlike any other. He's noticeably mellowed out since then.
  • Jerkass: The band were this in the earlier years, which they later admitted was partly in thanks to their Rastafarian beliefs. A notable example comes from an incident in Austin, Texas with local bands MDC and Big Boys. MDC and the Big Boys had helped them land some gigs in the area, and Big Boys singer Randy Turner even allowed the band to crash on his floor. At some point, the band got a little nervous about some of the "weird things" around the house and refusing to stick around for Big Boys' set upon seeing Randy in drag. The last incident lead to H.R. asking Randy if he was gay; when he admitted it, HR and the rest of the band lost their collective shit, and chewed out the bands and their friends.
    • It gets better: Before they left, Randy sold the band some marijuana with the understanding that they'd pay when they left. When the band finally did leave, one of the members handed him an envelope that was supposed to contain the money, however HR had gone and replaced the money with a note reading “Thanks for the herb, too bad about the money. Fire burn all bloodclaat faggots!”. The Big Boys were a little upset about what had happened, but MDC singer Dave Dictor was fuming. He wound up having a violent confrontation with HR, and later penned the song "Pay to Come Along" for the "Millions of Dead Cops" record about the incident.


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