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YMMV / Backstroke of the West

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  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • All the characters' talk about "growing strong and big".
    • Speaker D at one point tells Allah Gold "[he] make out quite good".
    • "They're all over me!" is translated to "he is in my behind!".
    • The D telling a kneeling Allah Gold that "You are already at full cock now. Spread all over the place the empire!"
    • "The disgusting thing came"
    • It's seemingly implied that Allah Gold was having an affair with The D, going by the D's line "This will be an unprecedented affair",note  the Hopeless Situation Parliament wanting to "know him at fuck", The D begging Allah Gold to "save your lover" during his confrontation with Text How Big, and Gold later denying the affair to The Plum Of.
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    • Similarily, Ratio Tile mentions that he "did [Allah Gold's] teacher."
    • Space General's comments to Ratio Tile suggest some heavy Foe Yay.
    "Sir, you came finally! I always at expect your come."
    • Despite his limited screentime, The manages to get a couple in as well.
    "Pull out your sword. Dedicate the body for your speaker."
    "Very good, give me surprised and pleased."
    • Even a few of the names comes off as somewhat raunchy, particularly "The D," "Blow The Skin", and maybe even "The Gets The Rice."
    • Heck, this even happens In-Universe at one point.
    Allah Gold: (Grinning embarrassed) "That is not my meaning."
    • "You two careful, he is a big." "Mr. Speaker, we are for the big."
  • Adaptation Displacement: By now, the fandub is likely far more famous than the original bootleg. However, the "Do not want" meme is far more famous than either of them. Watching the film now, it almost feels like it's referencing the meme when it's really the other way around.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • In-universe, by Allah Gold. To him, the heroes are just bad people.
    • The D. Whereas we had multiple movies to establish what a monster Palpatine was, The D comes off as rather pitiable. His (maybe) master was either killed or put into a coma by his land, to begin with. Then when The D managed to become a senator, he found the Gram Republic hopelessly corrupt, and he managed to earn the ire of the Hopeless Situation Warriors just by virtue of being from the West. They start off trying to pry into his sex life in order to discredit him, and when that fails they abandon all subtlety and try to kill him outright. While his response to this treatment is way overblown, it's not hard to imagine that after a while, the man had just...snapped.
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    • Does "Smelly Boy" show that Space General kinda sucks at coming up with good insults? Or is the coughing fit he has right before saying it proof that Allah Gold has serious issues when it comes to personal hygiene? Or affect the cough to aid in his insult, and was being sarcastic?
    • Did Allah Gold simply inform Ratio Tile about his period, or did he use the term "dead period" to taunt him? After all, Ratio is implied to be transgender, so Allah Gold may have tried to bring up a (presumably) hard time and decision from Ratio's past to affect Ratio's fighting ability? His emphasis on "dead period" makes more sense if he is deliberately bringing up the fact that Ratio doesn't have them anymore. Alternatively, Gold is using period as a measurement of time.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Vanquish Is, or at least the voice acting for him. Is the actress just not very good at doing Yoda's voice, making it seem cringey in comparison to the rest of the voices in the dub? Or is it a purposely bad impression that's being Played for Laughs?note 
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  • Cargo Ship: Ratio Tile seems oddly invested in R2's exploits and especially whether he "is fucking."
  • Crack Ship:
  • Crazy Awesome: Space General. He's a Multi-Armed and Dangerous cyborg implied to be an ex-Hopeless Situation Warrior, he treats his enemies with Villain Respect, has loads of Ho Yay with Ratio Tile, and blows himself out into space as a distraction so his troops can escape. Oh, and his name is Space General.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: How does the security hologram of Allah Gold killing children end? With The D saying "You are already at full cock now, spread all over the place, the empire". The sheer Mood Whiplash combined with the horrifying implicatons cross the line so many times it's stomped out of existence.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The Good Elephant. The frequent mentions of him despite being The Ghost have led to lots of speculation over his exact role in the story.
    • Space General. The translation gives him some of the funniest lines in the bootleg. The entertainingly hammy performance by his voice actor certainly helps.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Most of the "drama" between Allah Gold and The Plum Of relates to the fact they think that they're cheating with each other (At least correct on Allah Gold's case, whom he knew at fuck with The D.) which was more or less part of the hilarity of the translation. If you're a Japanese fan however, it can be pretty uncomfortable to read it now given that Daisuke Namikawa, the seiyuu of the original version of Allah Gold in the Japanese dub of the film was reportedly involved in an affair with a former employee of the agency he worked with since 2004.
  • Funny Moments: Has its own page.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • While the "Do not want" line itself is ridiculous, its placement is actually a very appropiate Ironic Echo. It is said by South Host when he is told that he killed The Plum Of, but that wasn't the first time somebody said it. Who spoke it the last time? The Plum Of, right before South Host choked her unconscious and - as far as he knows - killed her.
    • As Allah Gold fights Ratio Tile, D announces that he "felt the hero an in danger" and goes to find Gold. Shortly after that, Gold delivers his infamous "hero's is just bad person!" declaration.
    • It always seemed strange that Ratio Tile claimed that he and Allah Gold were "for the big" before their fight with The, who was also a big. However, it was later revealed in The Duplicate Offensive that The secretly wanted to destroy the big, so Ratio Tile was probably mad at him for being a traitor.
    • Just before his fight with Allah Gold, Ratio Tile says "disabled person must solve". Decades later, Gold would solve the problem of the Empire of the First Choice as a quadruple amputee.


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