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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The story doesn't have much of a plot to begin with, but most notably is a moment shortly after Danisha almost gets molested by Frollo; Danisha tosses a quarter at him and tells him to "call somebody who cares" for no readily explained reason.
  • Critical Research Failure: A lot of it shows up in this story.
    • Danisha thinks Christopher Columbus was Spanish (he was Italian) and that America was a country during the 1480s (it wasn't and hadn't been discovered yet, though it would be merely a decade later, by any Europeans except for some Vikings a millennia before). The worst part is that both she and her real life counterpart are Social Studies teachers.
    The FanFiction Critic: Ladies and gentlemen, this is why children today are stupid; because idiots like this author are allowed to teach.
    • Additionally, Danisha goes around her first visit to Medieval Paris managing to wear an outfit that shows off her legs and everyone runs to her and wants to talk to her. Except that in Medieval Paris a woman wearing a fancy but revealing outfit would likely be mistaken for a prostitute. She would be a foreign prostitute, at that.
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    • Glass windows were not available to the peasants, and the glass windows that existed were not transparent.
    • Danisha occasionally speaking in 'old negro dialect', whatever that means, and everyone understands her as if it would translate fluently into Middle French.
      • Adding to that, during the party that Danisha throws later in the story, she and her friends decide to get up on stage, and sing a bunch of Motown songs. One can only imagine what that sounds like in Middle French.
    • Also during the party, Danisha and company cook up a bunch of food that Medieval Parisians would have never seen before, and yet they expect them to all eat, and love it right off the bat. Additionally, the food served probably contains chemicals, and additives that would most likely end up getting all the Parisians sick.
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    • Danisha regularly seems to forget that electricity wouldn't work in the fifteenth century.
    • In the sequel ''Didn't It Blow Your Mind, Claude Frollo?", there is an entire subplot about a box that once belonged to the sixth-century Byzantine Empress Theodora. There are many historical inaccuracies surrounding this, especially when the characters talk about Rome vs. Byzantium. Western Rome had already fallen by the sixth century (most people place the exact date as 476), and Theodora would have identified herself as a Roman; people didn't start calling Byzantium "Byzantium" until much later. It's also kind of odd that characters repeatedly mention the fact that the man who gifted Theodora the box was a former slave, without ever bringing up Theodora's colorful history as an actress/prostitute.
  • Designated Hero:
    • The author repeatedly goes out of her way to tell us that Frollo is kind and loving, despite everything he's done in the the original source material, which included kicking an unarmed woman to death, trying to drown a baby, molesting a woman in a church, and setting fire to a house with a family locked inside.
    • Danisha herself is this as well. We're supposed to believe that she's loving, pure and good, but she shows the same amount of racism Frollo does, vilifies Esmeralda and punches her in the face because she refused Frollo's advances, and completely condones Cold-Blooded Torture. There's also the rather infuriating fact that she only cares about people she actually knows: someone she knows personally is wounded? She's all concern and tears. Someone she doesn't know personally is bleeding to death slowly and painfully when they don't even deserve it? She laughs at them!
  • Designated Villain: Malus, Clopin and Esmeralda. Malus supposedly physically abuses his younger siblings (though this is only brought up once) and Clopin does supposedly do something bad (it's not made clear until the follow-up stories that he kidnapped Frollo at one point), yet they're both still portrayed as worse than Frollo. Esmeralda is only the villain because the author tells us she is.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Frollo, of all people gets this treatment. Please pass the Brain Bleach.
  • Fan Wank: The author has her own convoluted theory about "what really happened" during the events of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. After the Festival of Fools, Frollo is kidnapped by Clopin and replaced with an evil Frollo look-a-like who proceeds to wreak havoc on the city for the sole purpose of making the real Frollo look bad. Eventually the real Frollo was rescued and the impostor fell to his death.
  • Fridge Brilliance: When you think about it, Danisha's personality actually does make her perfect for the Disney version of an Unholy Matrimony way rather than a cute way. They both hate the Romani, they both blame others for their own awful deeds, both treat Quasimodo like dirt, and they both want Esmeralda dead.
  • Fridge Horror: In her author's notes, Frollo Freak tells the readers that she based a trio of her OCs off of former students. Two of these characters happen to die horribly
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Danisha accidentally hits a ball through one of Notre Dame's windows at one point. In 2019, Notre Dame suffered far more extensive damage in a massive fire.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The story's portrayal of Frollo is actually fairly accurate to how he was in the original novel - although it's still a lot more charitable.
    • This story, along with the other "Frollo and Me" stories, include Jehan, Frollo's brother from the original book, which predates the theater version that had him as Quasimodo's father who dies shortly after entrusting Frollo with taking care of his son/Frollo's nephew.
    • In one of the sequels, Frollo and Danisha have a daughter. Guess which Hunchback of Notre Dame character has a daughter in the Descendants books?
  • Ho Yay:
    • In one of the follow-up stories "Did It Blow Your Mind, Claude Frollo?", it almost seemed like Iggy (another one of the author's characters) was going to develop a romance with Claude's brother, Jehan, given how much the narrative pointed out how similar the two of them were, only for Iggy to end up back with his ex-girlfriend via extreme contrivance.
    • Danisha seems to be very close to her friend Fern and rarely has a bad thing to say about her. The two of them seem to naturally get along in a more healthy way than Danisha and Frollo do, so much so that one almost has to wonder why these two aren't in a relationship together instead. (Of course Danisha's only been with men and Fern's married, but there are ways around that.)
  • Informed Wrongness:
    • The author wants her readers to believe that Esmeralda was the one who was in the wrong for not wanting to have sex with Frollo.
    • At one point, Claude is meant to be seen as wrong for telling Danisha she must work for him the rest of her vacation and confiscating her signed baseball after she accidentally breaks a church window. This actually comes of as a reasonable (hell, given who he is, even light) punishment for destroying church property, yet she refuses to accept responsibility and ends up punching Frollo in the face. Also, why would she use a signed baseball (considering she could probably lose it) to teach kids how to play the sport?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Frollo Freak wants us to think the local group of Romani kidnapping Frollo and trying to mess up his good name is this. The real Moral Event Horizon is Danisha leading a group of people to burn down the Court of Miracles and gun down the Romani for it all, effectively attempting a genocide.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Esmeralda, and Clopin.
  • Squick: In addition to having sexually suggestive things in Back to the Frollo, the author has a whole separate subsection full of oneshots (sometimes twoshots) where Danisha and Frollo do the do in more detail.
    • The only exception is that there is an entry where Jehan, Frollo's brother, fantasizes about Danisha and himself going at it. Extra squick points for doing this in their house (while they're away, but still).
    • Really, the general idea of Judge Claude Frollo being a Mr. Fanservice Chick Magnet can cause readers to become disgusted.


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