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YMMV / Back to Brooklyn

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  • Complete Monster: Even though Brooklyn crime boss Paul "The Wall" Saetta is, among other things, a serial pedophile and murderer, he apparently loves his mother and has Standards such as never harm his family members. The following duo, however, have no such redeeming qualities:
    • Churchill, Paul's "pet psychopath", is a dapper and eloquent gentleman who nevertheless seems to have no feeling towards anyone. When he tracks Bob to an old store Bob used to frequent, he tortures the elderly owner with a straight razor. After carving him to bits, Churchill has the place set on fire, informing the old man he can carry his bedridden wife out to save her after Churchill has left him in no shape to even walk. Churchill later captures Bob's best friend Vinnie and tortures him, only cutting it short with a bullet to the head when he realizes Vinnie will never betray Bob. It is also revealed Churchill is the one who set a deal with Russian mobsters to always provide Paul with immigrant boys.
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    • Penny Saetta, Bob's wife, is revealed in the final issue to match her brother-in-law for evil when she reveals to Bob she participated in and did the filming for Paul's activities. Having only married Bob to be a gangster's wife and a self-described "dangerous bitch", she happily joined in with Paul on his snuff films. When Bob begs her to tell him she didn't involve their son, Penny comments she absolutely made the attempt—Paul just wasn’t interested—before mocking Bob for his morals.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: There is nothing honorable or glamorous about the Mafia; those associated with it are thugs at best, complete monsters at worst.

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