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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Jimin and whatever happened in the Arboretum. His scenes in "I NEED U" show him in a bathtub, he's constantly associated with water, and his reaction to colliding with a fellow dancer in the Highlight Reels and the Notes is to automatically go to the bathroom and scrub his hands clean until they bleed. He freezes up at best and has seizures at worst whenever his Trauma Button is triggered. This has led some fans to wonder if what happened in the Arboretum was an instance of sexual abuse.
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    • Yoongi's behavior in the series (particularly the Notes) could imply that he suffers a massive case of Survivor's Guilt that he hides from the others.
    • Jimin is admitted to a hospital and separated from Hoseok, but we also see the two together in a hospital in the "present" scenes from "RUN", plus Hoseok being diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome in his "MAMA" teaser short film. Hoseok's narcolepsy in "I NEED U" could therefore be seen as not only a result of addiction, but of a desperate attempt to reunite with Jimin by deliberately overdosing on pills.
    • Certain relationships (Namjoon and Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok, and Yoongi and Jungkook) get noticeably more focus, to the point that they could be Implied Love Interests. See the BU's Ho Yay page.
  • Archive Panic: At the very least 6 music videos, 10+ teasers/trailers/short films, 12 different sets of HYYH: The Notes are necessary to understand the story. SAVE ME, however, might be a partial solution to this.
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  • Awesome Music: Aside from BTS' music featured in the series (which has a page of its own), the Highlight Reel short films feature a beautiful original orchestral soundtrack, composed by Myungsoo Shin. The music heavily contributes to the dream-like atmosphere and emotion of the short films (those strings!), evolving with each part leading to a powerful climax. Its use as a sample also contributed to the huge emotional punch that made "Outro: Tear" so well loved by listeners.
  • Die for Our Ship: Surprisingly averted with the girls from the Highlight Reels, at least on Twitter. Even though ships like Yoongi/Jungkook are pretty popular and the girls appear as companions and possible love interests to the boys while the main group is separated, the general reaction to the girls was quite positive, including fans looking up the actresses and drawing fanart. Shin Ryujin (the girl appearing in Jimin and Hoseok's section in the short films) even got some support from ARMYs in the idol-survival reality show MIXNINE.
  • Epileptic Trees: The plot is notorious for being a Mind Screw, relying a lot on symbolism and, due to being largely an Ambiguous Situation, leaving enough space for all kinds of Wild Mass Guessing. The Highlight Reels and the Notes can act as a Mind Screwdriver, but only partially, and the way hints have been found in all kinds of extra content (even selfies) gives reason to be paranoid about anything being a clue to the BU story.
    • Is Jin dead in "I NEED U"? Is he the only one alive? Are all of them dead?
    • Is Time Travel involved? Is Jin and/or Taehyung a Dimensional Traveler?
    • How much of it all is real, particularly "I NEED U", "RUN", "Epilogue: Young Forever", "Euphoria" and the Highlight Reels? "RUN" implies that the limits of reality and illusion are blurring even for the characters.
    • Are other music videos like "Fire" and "Spring Day" connected? Confusingly, the "Stigma" teaser has a Flashback to a scene in "Danger", so videos and concept images from 2013 and 2014 could also be connected, either retroactively, as something planned all along, or something in between.
  • Funny Moments: In "Prologue", when the boys jump down on the empty pool to gather around Taehyung, there's a Funny Background Event where Jungkook asks Yoongi for help to jump down... only for Yoongi to keep walking, gesturing for the younger to just jump by himself. Jungkook just stares at him dumbfounded for a moment before he jumps down anyway.
    • Despite its much darker implications in regards to the story, "Prologue" has some moments of the boys just being their goofy selves, like Jungkook pushing Yoongi while the older is sitting on a skateboard - with the latter screaming -, or the boys playing buck buck with Namjoon suffering consequences.
    • Similarly to "Prologue" (being a Call-Back in many ways), "Euphoria" shows the boys doing the Naruto run, Jungkook messing with Yoongi by poking his face with a plant shaft, the boys pulling funny faces, and so on. The scene in the hospital also features Yoongi's rather goofy run.
  • Ho Yay: Has its own page.
  • Memetic Mutation: HYYH lives forever. Explanation 
  • The Producer Thinks of Everything: While the story and characters are inspired by BTS' music and the members themselves, Foreshadowing for events and revelations in the story has been found in 4-year-old installments of the series, pre-2015 albums, and even commercials and selfies. Fans have learned to become suspicious of anything to the point of paranoia.
    • SAVE ME, published in 2019, makes Call Backs to concert VCRs from 2015, down to repeating the same shots, with an identical classroom as their hide-out and an appearance of the same Sadist Teacher. These VCRs also show the boys finding something important behind the walls of the classroom, something that becomes a plot point only revealed through one of the Notes from LOVE YOURSELF: Answer, released in August 2018.
      • It's also set to end on April 11th, both a significant date for the story and a day before the release of the album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The rise in budget over BTS's career can truly be appreciated in the BU, where the videos become bigger, grander, yet still retaining the emotional core of the story due to great cinematography and art direction, going from the cheaply produced "I Need U" to "Blood, Sweat and Tears" and "Fake Love".
    • The WINGS teasers were filmed entirely in sets, adding to the surreal atmosphere. The quickly changing sets (especially in "Begin"), the mirrors breaking in "Reflection", and Hoseok's Mushroom Samba in "Mama" are simple, yet effective.
    • The "Blood, Sweat and Tears" video features huge beautiful sets, Jungkook floating in midair, and Yoongi's gigantic floating-pipe organ. CGI is only used at the very end, with the explosion of the Piéta statue, and Jin's cheek starting to break like marble.
    • The "WINGS Tour Trailer" continues the surreal tone, with simpler yet still very beautiful sets, the members floating in midair, Seokjin starting to break like a statue, and Taehyung growing wings.
    • While the Highlight Reels largely take place in a realistic setting, the first part, especially the first scene, manages (due to camerawork and color correction, though the music also plays a part) to look absolutely dreamlike. Then there's the shot of the city lights at night at the beginning of the third part, which features a gorgeous use of low shutter speed mixed with post-production effects.
    • "Fake Love" has a LOT of incredible scenes, such as the floor behind Jungkook collapsing as he runs, the room where Suga is in blows up, Jimin stays at an indoor place surrounded by waterfalls... all of them are not CGI. They are all real scenes created by the company.
  • The Woobie: All of them are this in their own way.
    • Nothing ever seems to go right for Jin. He accidentally causes Yoongi to be expelled, he gets the idea of going to the beach (leading to the end of "Prologue"), and seems to feel incredibly guilty over this, becoming The Atoner. Even when he meets a girl and goes on a date with her, trying to prove to himself that he is a good person, she gets killed by a passing car, right in front of him. In "Fake Love", he tries desperately to protect a Smeraldo flower from incoming destruction, but the flower turns into ash.
    • Yoongi has an obsession with fire due to his mother dying in a fire he survived; he seems to have developed Survivor's Guilt as a result, being immensely scared of getting others or himself hurt by having them rely on him. He avoids other people so he won't have to, but Jungkook gets hurt anyway.
    • When he was seven, Hoseok was abandoned by his mother in an amusement park, with her disappearing after telling him to close his eyes and count to ten. He was traumatized to the point that, a few years later, he fainted after being asked to count to ten in front of the class. Even in the present, he fears being abandoned.
    • Namjoon's family lives in poverty, and he has issues of self-doubt. He becomes a reliable big brother figure for Taehyung and the younger members, but Namjoon himself doubts his ability to act as such. His failure at helping Taehyung leaves him feeling extremely guilty.
    • Jimin is an Ill Boy with a controlling mother, and has a trauma regarding some sort of incident that happened to him as a kid in the Arboretum. His frequent seizures have seriously affected his life: he's been often admitted into hospitals, meaning that he had to transfer schools many times and was unable to make friends until he met Hoseok.
    • Taehyung lives with his sister and his father, who's often drunk and physically abuses both. As seen in "Prologue" and HYYH: The Notes, Taehyung hides suicidal thoughts due to his desires to kill his father (which he realizes in "I Need U" to defend his sister), his guilt over them, and his fear that his father's violence runs through his veins.
    • Jungkook is a young, wide-eyed boy whom Namjoon describes as "a young kid who never received affection". He's mistreated by his stepfather and his family, and has the rest of the group as his Only Friends, with the classroom they all shared being the only constant element in his life. He blames himself for the incident that got Yoongi expelled, as it happened because Yoongi tried to defend him, and is the most affected by the group's falling out. After a certain point (after he reunited with Yoongi for the first time in 2 years), he thinks no one would miss him if he died; he wanders alone at night, purposefully getting into a fight with strangers, leading to his fate in "I NEED U".

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