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  • Awesome Art: All the character designs are immensely wondrous and creative and blend creepiness, cuteness, and conceptual accuracy extremely well, and the color palettes and backgrounds are simply and gloriously beautiful. It's also backed up by the impressive work put into the detailed body language and vivid expressions of the characters in each panel.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Jay's introduction into the plot was initially met with excitement, but as his character began to show itself, people began to argue whether or not he could be redeemed, if he should be horribly killed, or if he was just a boring one-dimensional character.
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    • Jagged Stain introduces herself by attacking Fern, Curb Stomping her down to one Hit Point, insulting her, and giving her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, telling her she couldn't possibly help them due to being pathetically weak. Word of God says that he intended it to come across as cool, telling Fern like it is, but actual fan reaction was mixed between begrudgingly admitting the point, chiding her for costing Fern a health potion, and calls to come back later when stronger to thrash her over an unjustified attack.
  • Broken Base: The argument over whether or not Fern should kill the Moldsucker Worm. It got worse when she decided not to herself, because it was so hard for the Commentators to reach a consensus.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Bloodstain gained a lot of popularity from a brief appearance as the first entity to help Fern — enough to return with a speaking role after Fern's return to the Hospital.
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    • The Magboils are also well loved for providing many Funny Background Events and Creepy Cuteness.
    • Chip was immediately very well-received and already features heavily in recent fanart due to his nervous but friendly disposition and general relatability to those who have worked similar jobs. And he's just as Creepy Cute as the rest of the cast, naturally.
    • The Eyeslob the commentators take over for an arc has also grown plenty of love from fans. Seeing how it essentially has the mind of an infant, the commentators nearly take a paternal/maternal affection towards it, trying to keep it from being manipulated by the antagonistic forces surrounding it.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
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  • Fanon: Fern's last name, Green, is a holdover from when she had no official name and the commentators called her "Miss Green" (being an unmarried, green woman, see...)
  • Jerkass Woobie: Jay turned much more sympathetic to many of the Commentators, once they were shifted over to directing his actions for a time.
    Commentator: I think Bog just played us like a damn fiddle. Getting us to hate this guy and then making him look like a poor little puppy.
  • Memetic Mutation: Referring to the comic by anything but its real name seems to have become one (e.g. "Nasty Nurse's Office", "Bad Hospital", "Awful Healthcare Facility", "Injurious Infirmary"). It should be noted that this is a Running Gag by the author that caught on.
    • Referring to anything duck related or that looks like a duck as a "dack" also is a joke with the commentators that eventually became a Running Gag as well.
  • Moe: EVERY SINGLE THING in this comic is nigh-impossible to hate, (sans Jay) but here are a few that stand out from the crowd.
    • Nobody Nose was so adorable with his Elmuh Fudd Syndwome his untimely Final Death broke hearts-a-plenty.
    • Poor Fern. Her entire situation makes one just wanna give her a hug and cheer her on on her quest for her kid.
    • Whether it be his tiny stature, his precious bobble-headed design or his childishness, Willis is probably the most "D'awww"-inducing character in the entire comic, bar none.
    • Celia, Staph and Maggie! A charmingly badass fungus princess, a sweet, elderly bacterium nurse and a maggot wizard with a Sweet Tooth? SIGN US UP!
    • The Eyeslob's just as cute and huggable as Willis, if not even MORE, with his charmingly broken lolcat-like "English" and his puppy-like personality.
    • Gynnie is absolutely adorable, with her sweet and patient personality and her irresistible lisp. She's also one of the nicest, gentlest characters in the entire comic to boot.
    • Chip, if he's REALLY thought hard about. He's the manifestation of a miserable, overworked café worker but the poor guy's backed by his endearing stammer and Adorkable mannerisms, and his Creepy Cute design. He even retains his stammer after he becomes the Hospital's computer system, helping him retain his lovability post-swap!
    • What isn't to love about Scissie and Scissane? 50% dumb, 40% surgically proficient, 10% implied couple, 100% adorable.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dr. Phage and Molly cross it when they purge one of their own patients and his visiting mother after healing him. The patient was a young kid, at that.
    • Balmer crosses this with his plan to destroy The Hospital, making it impossible for most beings to get health care so he can make money by selling their sub concept vessels.
    • Jay goes from being a Jerkass Token Evil Teammate to a deranged serial killer when its revealed he's killed and stuffed various monsters in the walls, therefore erasing them from everyone's memory.
    • And if that wasn't enough, it's later revealed that he has done the same to hundreds of fellow grey-zoner patients.
    • In the eyes of most commentators Crash crosses this by tricking the Eyeslob to kill Fern, possibly permanently denying a peaceful meeting between the two that the commentators wanted to see. Sure it was necessary to kill Fern because of her Death Is Cheap ability but Crash having what is essentially an innocent child unknowingly kill a person who it respected made the commentators brainstorm how they can comply to his Death Seeker demands and still make him suffer.
  • Name's the Same: The Fan Nickname of 'Terrortoma' happens to be the same as a Mortasheen monster Bogleech had conceptualized at an earlier point in time.
  • Nausea Fuel: Plenty if one doesn't like gore or Body Horror. Special mention goes to the Verruca Patch, who Fern, even after becoming desensitized to most other things in the hospital, couldn't handle being around.
    • Another special mention goes to the Sickly Stomach, who is simultaneously a stomach and a giant blob of vomit, and turns almost completely into puke after his condition worsens. For people who are emetophobic or sensitive to vomit, this would definitely be stomach-churning (no pun intended), and it's highly recommended to anyone currently eating to not click on the link.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Diptworth, who dies for our sins.
  • Player Punch:
    • The Patreon dossier on Nobody Nose. It reveals that his kidney stone problem would probably have solved itself once the stones became bored of tormenting him. Even the fact that the dossiers are compiled by Dr. Phage does little to lessen the impact.
    • The file on Gooey Pink Eyes suggests that Eyeda's epidermal fauna (which Fern killed with louse treatment) were not parasitic and may have been sapient.
    • Rounded off with the file revealing that Stomach Guy is addicted to the gas pills Fern gave him and is suffering a slow Grand Theft Me by his own vomit, that entire arc becomes a case of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
    • And then we see the end-term effects of all this when Fern returns from the Morgue, and sees that Stomach Guy vomited himself so much he has become a husk, the louse grew to eat Gooey Pink Eyes, and the Spleen has been sucked of all of it's blood by Molly Curdle, confirming the above.
    • Crash deliberately invokes this to manipulate the commentators to comply with his Death Seeker demands, which require a Sadistic Choice of subjecting an innocent life to a Fate Worse than Death, by telling them that the only reason he was able to take control of Fern and Jay to create such a situation was because the commentators influencing their thoughts allowed Crash to take them over.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: As befitting a fusion, 'Staphellie' is a splicing of Staph, Celia, and Maggie's names. In that exact order.
  • Shipping: the commenters seems determined to pair Fern with everything (including a rubber duck). This being Bogleech, the results can be pure Squick.
    • Crack Pairing: After one person jokingly requested that she seduce him, the pairing Fern/Harmburger became inexplicably popular with fans, although Harmburger himself is a festering, rotten anthropomorphic sandwich creature who has no qualms about harvesting humans for their meat.
  • Ugly Cute: Admittedly, it's an acquired taste for readers, but this is one thing Bogleech is a big fan of. Very few things in Awful Hospital are either 'cute' or 'beautiful' in the traditional sense of those words.
    • Probably the biggest example of this is the Eyeslob which despite being the result of a horrific Painful Transformation, the commentators first reaction to its first panel on screen was to call it adorable. Its childlike personality and demeanor helps with this.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Jay. When we see things from his perspective, some commentators felt sympathy for the guy.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The entire setting - even the universe it takes in - is nothing short of cerebrum-mushing, and some of the monsters and characters can be inconceivably weird and visceral and yet many of them have down-to-earth personalities.

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