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YMMV / Avengers: No Surrender

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  • Arc Fatigue: Many have expressed frustration at No Surrender's length. The storyline is sixteen issues long, with many noting that back in the Bronze Age storylines with a similar plot (cosmic entities manipulating the Avengers to fight each other/other teams) would last from two to six issues and most crossover events don't last more than ten (JLA/Avengers, for example, lasted only four issues). While the event contains a lot of cool moments, many have complained about exposition and other forms of padding that make the event last way longer than it needed. Also, while the series is released weekly, the price tag for each issue stayed at $3.99, That means that if you want to follow the event instead of waiting for the trade, you would have to pay almost 66 bucks (two issues were $4.99)!
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  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Voyager being The Mole and all the memories of her being fake was a twist guessed at from the moment the event started.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The comparisons between Voyager and DC's Triumph, when issue 2 reveals Voyager was supposedly removed from reality by a Captain Ersatz of Triumph.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Johnny Storm being killed by the pyramoid in issue 3. Make even less believable considering he is currently the co-protagonist of Marvel Two-in-One, something the writer of said series pointed out almost immediately.
    Chip Zdarsky: Who are you going to believe? One-third of the writers of Avengers, or the writer of one half of the Fantastic Four?
  • Memetic Mutation: With the reveal of Voyager being retconned into various Avengers stories, many fans have taken into talking about her various escapades as if they really happened.
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  • Narm: The Avengers acting as if Johnny and Red Wolf are totally dead and gone forever for reals. Even while they don't have the audience's advantage of knowing they're still alive, it still comes across as ridiculously wangsty. Even more so when the Immortal Hulk shows up, with a whole montage demonstrating the sheer impermanence of death in comic books.