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YMMV / Autopsy

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YMMV tropes relating to the film

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Nurse Marion, a crazed, germaphobic, homicidal nurse.
  • Rooting for the Empire: As mad as he is, Dr. Benway is a touch sympathetic in that his experiments were to cure his terminally-ill wife. In contrast, most of the teen protagonists (with the exception of Emily and Jude) spend more time wandering around, being captured, and killed than received much development.
    • Scott and Travis also have a little more development.
  • Squick:
    • When Clare gets attacked by the anorexic patient, she rips open his stomach, causing his entire digestive tract to fall onto her.
    • Dr. Benway drinking Emily's spinal fluid.
    • Scott sticking his finger in his mouth after digging it into Emily's lobotomy hole.

YMMV tropes relating to the band
  • Face of the Band: Chris Reifert
  • Nightmare Fuel: The explicit version of the album cover for Severed Survival. A living man getting torn apart, with the name of the album and of the band written with human parts. Damn.
    • The censored version isn't much better. We take the view of a patient who's apparently awake, as we see three sadistic surgeons about to perform malpractice of surgery.
  • Vindicated by History - With many successful bands labeling them as an influence and via strong word of mouth the early part of their discography blew up in popularity. The first two albums are often listed as classics of the genre. However, this happened just as the members were trying to get a new project started. (See Creator Backlash)

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