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YMMV / Attack on Titan (2016)

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Attack on Titan

  • Anti-Climax Boss: The True Final Boss is seen as this by some. The Colossal Titan is huge, dwarfing every other enemy in the game by a significant margin, but it doesn't do much of anything other than march forward on its linear path, protect its nape with steam if you haven't crippled it yet, and occasionally make a heavily telegraphed attempt at grabbing you. Compared to other bosses, it's a pushover — the challenge comes from killing it quickly enough to fulfill the mission goal. Surprisingly, this is actually pretty faithful to how the character is depicted in the source material.
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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Once you unlock Levi for Survey Missions...there's really no reason to ever use anyone else.
  • Demonic Spiders: Large Abnormals, especially in later missions. Their napes are armored, requiring you to sever both of their arms if you want to expose them for a kill strike. However, the arms often take ridiculous amounts of damage to sever, requiring you to divert a lot of time and focus to take one down. In missions where there are multiple roaming the map, or you have another timed goal to complete, this can be a big problem.
  • Difficulty Spike: Once you get the hang of the controls, the game is pretty easy...until you get to the first five-star Survey mission, and the Titans get faster, stronger and can actually take more then one hit to the nape...several more, in fact. You may even die for once!
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  • Goddamned Bats: Regular titans are only minor nuisances on their own, but they have a tendency to swarm together, especially in an area with a more important foe like a Large Abnormal. This can lead to them snapping wires, interrupting attacks with QTE grabs, and screwing up the targeting.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Occasionally an ally will simply face a wall and bounce up and down...even if they're on horseback.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: Reception for the game has been generally positive, with particular praise going to the movement and combat systems. This carried over to the sequel.
  • Shocking Moments: "Last Line of Defense", the final Epilogue Mission. The city is overflowing with titans, and you're required to fight the Armored and Beast Titans at the same time while you deal with the others and rescue your allies. Meanwhile, the Colossal Titan itself is lumbering toward the center of the city, requiring you to balance the other problems while somehow dealing enough damage to it before it reaches the center to defeat it.
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  • Spiritual Adaptation: Due to how gameplay is based around swinging throughout the various locations at high speed, it's a pretty damn good Spider-Man game, all things considered.
  • That One Boss: The Female Titan. Technically being the final boss but she is fought several times throughout Chapter 3 and a couple of these times the player has to prevent her from reaching a certain goal. The problem is that she has easily the most health of any Titan up to that point, has quick but hard hitting attacks that can instantly reduce the player to a near death state, and her attacks hardens one of her body parts, making it resistant to attacks. She also has the armored nape problem Abnormals have as well.

Attack on Titan 2

  • That One Boss:
    • Titan Ymir. Despite not being physically imposing by Titan standards, she is extremely fast and powerful, with a large health pool and quick evasive moves that make even hitting her enough to do damage a challenge. Her signature attack is a double slash of her claws, which is so fast that you'll most likely be hit by both slashes, and so punishing that this will almost always result in a One-Hit Kill. The cherry on top is that she attracts other Titans during the fight and is perpetually surrounded by them, and while they will sometimes attack her and drain her stamina slightly, the player has to immediately switch priorities from the boss to the Mooks or risk constantly being distracted by paralyzing grabs and broken hooks.
    • Much like the previous game, the Female Titan definitely qualifies. She is as fast as she was in the previous, if not faster, and defeating her requires you to attack her limbs to wear down her stamina. The problem with this is that said limbs are moving as fast as she is, and are often involved in lightning attacks that are aimed to kick you out of the air and deal serious damage. For her, you don't need to worry about her grabbing you, you need to worry about her knocking you down and beating the everloving shit out of you before you can even react. Not helping is that during the missions that involve her, she seems to take special interest in you in particular, meaning that you can't even rely on your teammates distracting her long enough to take her down. And again, like in the previous game, the missions where she isn't focusing on you involve preventing her from reaching a certain location or destroying an objective, which is made verrry difficult by the fact that she runs much faster than your ordinary titan.

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