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  • Bizarro Episode:
    • It's a pretty off-beat show to begin with, but "B.A.N" is strange even by the show's standards. It lacks any sort of plot and is essentially just a series of satirical sketches, with Parody Commercials and segments of a Show Within a Show entitled Montague that satirize issues relating to gender and race identity.
    • "Teddy Perkins" is a spectacle of weirdness from beginning to end, as Darius spends all episode with a psychotic Michael Jackson Expy (played by Glover himself, unrecognizable under a shitload of prosthetic white-guy makeup).
  • Epileptic Trees: Everything regarding Teddy in "Teddy Perkins". There are a few main questions: Which celebrities are Teddy and his brother Benny supposed to be? Are Teddy and Benny really two halves of a whole? Are they just a representation of Donald Glover and his feelings about celebrity? Especially since Teddy is played by Glover in white-face.
    • For that matter. who is the figure referred to as Benny? Is it, as Teddy claims, really his brother, who he's tortured all these years out of jealousy? Or is Teddy really Benny, and the figure just a random stranger used as a scapegoat for Teddy's self-loathing? Or is perhaps either one of them the other's abusive father, behind a mask? Nothing is ever confirmed.
  • Minority Show Ghetto: It's successfully dodged this. Despite having a black cast and writing team (in addition to being pretty weird) it's gathered excellent ratings, critical acclaim, and a large amount of awards.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The aforementioned 'Teddy Perkins,' is darker than any episode that's come before it. From the titular character's Uncanny Valley face and expressions, his bizarre behavior, and the story behind it all that is gradually told throughout the episode, there's few moments of levity to be found, and a lot of unease. It culminates in Darius about to be killed by Teddy, only for Teddy to be killed by his brother in a murder/suicide that puts a violent end to the story of the effects of abuse and trauma that the episode tells.
  • Tear Jerker: The climax and denouement of 'Teddy Perkins.' Darius, held at gunpoint by the eponymous character, quietly pleads with him to see reason, and offers sympathy for the circumstances of his abusive childhood. Then he has to watch Benny kill Teddy and then himself, horrified and helpless. The episode ends with him driving away, visibly disturbed by what's happened.
    • Somehow, even though it's ostensibly an example of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, seeing the piano Darius really wanted get tied up and taken away as evidence is just a final punch in the gut that this was truly All for Nothing.
  • Uncanny Valley: Again, Teddy Perkins, thanks to being played by Glover himself under about twenty pounds of prosthetic whiteface makeup. According to director Hiro Murai, the production team deliberately went for a very smooth, unnatural look with Teddy's face in order to make him seem even creepier.

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