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YMMV / Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland

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  • Epileptic Trees: As soon as it was revealed that this game would star Rorona's daughter, fans immediately started pondering who the father is. The most straightforward possibility is Sterk (who has a few Ship Tease moments with Rorona), but others suggest that she might be adopted, or even a homonculus. When Sterk's design was revealed, the possibility of him being Lulua's biological father seemingly diminished by a lot since many fans pointed out that he would have to be at least in his late 50's if not his 60's, which barring a case of extreme Artistic Age did not seem to be the case. Turns out that Lulua is indeed adopted, and her biological parents are unknown.
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  • Game-Breaker: With the right amount of trait stacking, it's possible to turn the N/A Omega Bomb into a devastating tool of destruction that can One-Hit Kill bosses, including a level 200 Machina of God, as demonstrated here.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Lulua and Rorona hugging at the end of the game's intro movie.
  • Les Yay:
    • Lulua and Stia are effectively the canon pairing by the end of the game, featured running the atelier together in the Normal Ending CG and leaving on a journey together in the True Ending CG, though the way the game handles their story is controversial.
    • At one point, Eva very directly tells Lulua that she's in love with her, but her confession goes directly over Lulua's head.
  • Strangled by the Red String: The general criticism of the handling of Lulua and Stia's relationship; while the game had certainly been building up their friendship over the course of the game, at chapter 10 Stia is suddenly and abruptly treated like one of the most important people in Lulua's life to the point the events of the game happen in the first place due to her attempts to save her, all while sidelining the other characters with better-developed relationships to Lulua.
  • Unexpected Character: Two bosses from the previous Arland games reappear in this game, but as Lulua's acquaintances:
    • At first glance, Mana seems to be just one of many young orphans at the Arklys orphanage where Eva works. In reality, she's the operator of Orthogalaxen, one of the ruins around Arland, and a Machine of God, an optional boss from Atelier Meruru, with her boss battle theme in Chapter 9 even being a remix of the Machine of God battle theme from Meruru.
    • At first glance, Ficus seems to be just a traveling magician. In reality, he's Evil Face, the true final boss of Atelier Totori, now with a human form and working under Mana. With Lulua's help, he finally breaks free of his demon form.

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