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YMMV / Asterix and the Vikings

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Just how much of a villain can Olaf be considered? While he clearly is as blood-thirsty and violent as the other vikings, and does go along with Cryptograf's plan, the fact he doesn't appear to understand what is going on and clearly doesn't care about marrying Abba (forcefully or not), basically just going along with the plan because Cryptograf is his father, kinda gives the impression he merely is an Unwitting Pawn in this whole story.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: Almost every scene with the vikings. One particular moment is when the chief's wife, Vikea, asks him to steal certain things during their raid by giving him a list of things she wants, as if he's going to a store.
    Vikea: And I need a pair or matching skulls.
    Chief: ... I'll see if I can find twins.


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