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YMMV / Astebreed

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Daniel comes back from Ether Vapor and the Fairy Bloom series. Understandable that he is Edelweiss's mascot character.
  • Moe: Fio, when she's not being bossy toward Roy, and Esto, following her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Polished Port: The PlayStation 4 version features enhanced graphics, re-balanced difficulty, new extra content, and revises the controls to incorporates the right stick for lock-on attacks. These enhancements and features were then ported back into the PC version on digital distribution platforms as Definitive Edition.
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  • That One Achievement: Good luck trying to get the Flawless Achievements for every difficulty level. There's another that requires No Damage Running Queen System.
  • That One Boss: Queen System on Hard. It pisses more lasers and bullets than APITEX-EVO could ever hope to do and its power shots does hell on your Astebreed. The second phase of the battle restricts the amount of free room you have by firing a constant stream of lasers to cut 1/3 of playing field. In third phase, it'll spam lasers, bullets, and power shots like there's no tomorrow.


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