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YMMV tropes in this comic include:

  • Broken Base: The New Year's Eve Dorm Orgy in the 5th issue. It seems that every New Year's Eve, the gays at Leland organize a large orgy at Daniel's dorm, inviting gays from all over campus for a night of drinking and wild sex, which Daniel happily joins into after some uncertainty. The story, which was quite clearly a blatant excuse for some Fanservice, turned many readers off the comic with its unfortunate implications, and is considered by its detractors to be the worst story in ASB. The writer Hand Waved this by lampshading the usage of STD Immunity in the comic—basically, that in a world where sexually transmitted diseases do not exist, unprotected gay sex would be perfectly safe—thus making it okay to indulge in Author Appeal. The scene still comes off as rather tasteless (if amusingly ridiculous). Best read with the MST3K Mantra firmly in mind.
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  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny/Fair for Its Day: Setting aside all the above debate, and whether or not including promiscuity in a comic purporting to be displaying realistic gay lifestyle in a way to encourage acceptance is counterproductive, many of the comic's detractors have come to it many years after its initial publication—and having already been exposed to the other furry or gay-themed comics which came later and were less about porn, more nuanced, in a number of cases better written, and certainly less predictable and cliche, they tend to view ASB as not living up to the hype. What is forgotten is that, however flawed the final product might be, it was a product of its time, and groundbreaking for its time. Stereotyped or not, unrealistically (or counterintuitively) promiscuous or not, it enabled and set the stage for everything which came after. Despite its flaws, this should be remembered—even if the standard it set was one which has long since been surpassed (and thankfully so), it still set it.

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