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YMMV / Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Some believe Aveline to a Rebellious Spirit that many liked while others believe she was arrogant, murderous, and not really that helpful to the situation in New Orleans.
  • Character Shilling: Not in this game but Aveline is revealed to be this by the Templars in-universe at Abstergo Entertainment. She was the star of their first Animus game and everyone absolutely loves her. Out of universe, Aveline got a DLC for Assassins Creed III and a lot of attention.
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  • Goddamned Bats: Witnesses if Aveline has accumulated notoriety in the Lady persona. The Lady persona cannot use any parkour skills at all; what makes Witnesses so aggravating is that even with a bit of notoriety, the game can spawn several Witnesses, and they attack the Lady persona on sight, which means Aveline has to avoid them in addition to the restrictions due to the environment. If Aveline defends herself, she risks adding more notoriety.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • If certain conditions are met in the HD version, Aveline can run around the swamp in her Lady persona.
    • Another amusing bug from the HD version is Aveline's ability to swim in air.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Anything that tries to take advantage of the various features of the Vita since they are not only lazily tacked on and add absolutely nothing, but they barely even work a good portion of the time. One of the most common mechanics (and easily the most loathed) are the letter opening segments. First, you're required to open the letter by sliding your fingers across the top of the Vita's front and rear touch screen. The game often has a hard time registering it, so prepare to do it many times before it actually works. When it does, in order to properly read the letter, the game says you have to hold it against a light for it to work, except it doesn't! No matter what kind of light source you try to stick your Vita into, it's not going to work. Instead, you have to turn the Vita around until the game decides to let you proceed. They, as well as many of the Vita specific mechanics, have thankfully been removed from the HD release.
  • That One Level: As expected, there are a few missions in which getting full synchronization can be a huge pain.
    • Sequence 7's mission, "Supplying the Revolution". A raft carrying vital supplies is headed down a treacherous passage in the Bayou, and runs into a massive and lengthy ambush from both sides of the waterway. Aveline has to dart between islands and take out as many soldiers (some of them elites) as possible before they completely destroy the raft. That's a difficult task in and of itself, but there are also three punishing optional objectives that make it pure hell.
      • First: No swimming. This often means that Aveline will have to clear a large group of soldiers before the raft moves away from her and the opposite bank, as the raft is often the only way to reach the other side without touching the water. For the same reason, this also means she can't just go on ahead and kill every enemy beforehand.
      • Second: The raft cannot fall below 50% health. And the raft is extremely fragile - a few shots is all it takes to bring the raft down below half. It can happen extremely quickly, given how many enemies are firing at it. You have to not just be extremely quick, but also a little lucky.
      • Third: Use melee weapons only. Just when you thought you could simply shoot anyone before they could threaten the raft, in comes this aggravating constraint. The whip can fortunately still be used, but it takes a lot more time to drag a musketman over and finish him off at close range than it does to simply shoot the guy - especially in a frantic mission where every second counts.
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    • Pretty much everything in Sequence 9. The first mission requires that you hold off a stream of guards for over one minute, while in the Lady persona. (Bonus points: killing them before the minute is up will also fail the objective). The next two missions - the last in the main story - each require that Aveline take no damage whatsoever while facing off against some very tough enemies. There are timed objectives in those two missions as well: you must kill all of Agate's hallucination-enemies in under five minutes, and the final Citizen E in under two.
      • The HD release removes the first mission, replacing it with a cut scene, but battle with Agate can still be rather annoying as both optional objectives are still there.
    • The bayou can be a nightmare to navigate. It's mostly filled with water with not enough overhanging branches to traverse it, and there are cliffs you cannot climb and bushes you cannot get walk past everywhere. Free running through trees itself can be rather finicky at times.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The Templars are revealed to be anti-slavery and smuggling slaves from New Orleans to a community where they are paid laborers. This puts them above the vast majority of people in the time for progressive views. Aveline ends up killing most of them anyway and makes an argument they're still slavers of the mind. It's not really one with great conviction, though, given the slavers with actual whips and chains nearby.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Aveline is a character who effectively murders most of the factions of New Orleans and ticks off everyone she encounters. She's anti-slavery but her primary enemy is her own stepmother who is also anti-slavery. The story tends to portray itself as a much more Black and Gray Morality than you'd think a Black and White Morality setting as slave-owning New Orleans would.

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