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YMMV / Assassin's Creed: Forsaken

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Jenny assumes that her father is a sexist pig who is trying to sell her to a fiance she doesn't want and turn her into a brainless Upper-Class Twit rather than a badass Assassin. Players of Assassins Creed IV may note that as the sole remnant of Edward's dead wife, he may be attempting to protect her from a life of violence. This backfires horribly, of course, as an Assassin-trained Jenny might have turned the tide during Birch's assassination attempt and certainly would have been able to escape the Sultan's court. This would make Jenny his unwitting Morality Pet.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: Jenny Kenway, who while having excellent reason to be hateful, never really has a kind word to say about anybody.
  • Broken Base: To some Forsaken is a good tie-in Prequel and Interquel to Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag providing Back Story of Haytham Kenway and seeing the events of III through his eyes, to others the book makes the characters motivations far less mysterious and confusing and in retrospect, gives a very poor finish to Edward Kenway with many people regarding its Approval of God from the AC team with regret in hindsight.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Reginald Birch is also the Greater-Scope Villain of the Kenway Saga. Initially a friend to Edward Kenway, when the latter's daughter, Jennifer Scott, exposes Birch to her father as not only a Templar of the British Rite but also their Grand Master, he sends mercenaries to the Kenway manor to murder Edward Kenway, and kidnap Jennifer to be sold as a Sex Slave to Turkish slavers, all while framing a innocent servant for the crime. He then takes in Edward's son Haytham, only so he could manipulate him into becoming a killer as well as a Knight Templar fanatic. From there he has Haytham kill many people, including the opposing Assassins. He even has a fellow Templar tortured and castrated when he got in the way of his plans. He also has Haytham uncover technology from the First Civilization, knowing full well the kind of destruction that they bring, all so he could use them to rule the world, even sending the below-mentioned Edward Braddock to help him. When Haytham finds where Jennifer is being captive as well as Birch being the true culprit behind his father's murder, Birch tries to have Haytham killed along with Jennifer. In his last moments Birch tries to pass himself off as well-intentioned, but Haytham can see right through him as nothing more than a self-deluded madman only using the Templar ideology as an excuse to claim more power for himself.
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    • General Edward Braddock, known as "The Bulldog", is a fellow Templar. Presented as an ally of Haytham, it was revealed that he helped the aforementioned Reginald Birch cover up the Kenway mansion raid while pretending to investigate it. He later took part in the siege of Bergen op Zoom against the French Army, and when he was retreating a man asked if he and his family could come with him. When the man calls him craven when Braddock doesn't allow this, Braddock has him and his family killed, children included. When Birch assigns him and Haytham to various parts of the world to uncover First Civilization technology, the former only questions Reginald's obsession when it meant his own life and position might be at stake; it doesn't detract from his cruelty during their search, as he continued to kill numerous people, not just his enemies, but also his allies and the innocent, much to Haytham's shock. During the Seven Years' War, Braddock oversees the annihilation of many French camps, and when one of them tries to offer a truce, he ignores it has order his men to kill them all, causing needless deaths on both sides of the field. He also has destroyed many uninvolved Native American tribes, solely to fuel his sadism. When he believes one of his men to be insubordinate, he kills him, something he has done many times before. When one of the tribes, with the help of Haytham, ambushes him and his men, he leaves them for dead, while trying to escape.
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  • Iron Woobie: Haytham, Jenny, AND Connor. It's a Kenway family trait, really.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Reginald Birch's betrayal.
    • Haytham Kenway thinks Braddock's murder of refugees qualifies as this. Audiences will likely think its Braddock's Values Dissonance Rousing Speech about the need to destroy the Native Americans and steal their land.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • A weird one where Haytham is interrogating a woman about a man who helped kill her father and she's more interested in clarifying the fact said man was a widower than a married man she was adultering with.
    • The entire brief visit to the Sultan's palace, which is viewed as both a Decadent Court and a Crapsaccharine World of female slavery. Which may serve as a Take That! given Ezio Auditore's unconditional support of the Sultanate.

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