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YMMV / Asdivine Cross

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  • Game-Breaker:
    • The game hands out ACP (Asdivine Cross Points) like candy and at a much faster rate than other games by the same team with similar reward point systems. Using a Warehouse Key (for only 50 ACP) in one of the first towns lets Harvey get a weapon that hits all enemies and has a chance to inflict Instant Death or the nasty Virus ailment (which triggers a random status ailment and is contagious). Temper this with every other weapon he ever gets and it will carry him through the entire game. Also give him an Accelerate Gem (to guarantee acting first in battle) and a Next Gem (automatically attack the next enemy if one is defeated), and he will single-handedly deliver a Curbstomp Battle to almost every random battle before it can even begin.
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    • Another Game-Breaker is a combination of two things:
      • First is Metal Jewels, which can be bought at the Guild with Maid Coins (though beware; early in the game, amassing Maid Coins to buy these can be a long task). This accessory increases your chance of encountering Metal enemies, which have insane defenses and are essentially immune to spells, but pretty much die from any critical hit from physical weapons and give you insane amount of Exp. Multiple Metal Jewels increase the odds to the point that with all characters wearing two Metal Jewels each, pretty much every single encounter you find will contain Metal enemies.
      • Next is Lucile's Limit Break, which allows her to steal everything the enemy has. Most enemies have weapons as their Rare Random Drop which can be easily stolen this way, and weapons may contain modifiers, such as Critical Hit rate. With enough use of Lucile's Limit Break, you can give everyone weapons with 100% Crit, i.e., literally every attack they make will be critical.
      • Once you have these two (lots of Metal Jewels + 100% Crit weapons), enjoy running around the overworld gaining tens or hundreds of levels in a relatively short time. The only downside of this tactic is that in harder difficulties, especially Expert, merely reaching level 999 won't save you from being one-shotted by the tougher enemies, in particular bonus bosses; you will then need to grind for stat-boosting items.
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  • Tear Jerker: The Normal Ending as Harvey and Lucile can only sit by and watch as their loved ones and the world they knew slowly ebb away. Doubly so with Olivia's ending as Harvey outlives all of his descendants.
  • The Woobie: The more the player learns about Lucile's past, the more she deserves a hug. Disinherited by the royal family and her existence kept a secret from everybody because of her unique powers. Raised by Chancellor Duncan in a loveless home and to be used as a pawn for his plans for a coup. Not even being given the dignity of a name until Amelia gives one to her after they finally reunite. And, finally, having to spend centuries watching her family and world slowly die.