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YMMV / Armored Core For Answer

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  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • For the top-ranked Collared pilot, Otsdarva/Stasis is nothing special: He's a low damage output Fragile Speedster who, while modestly quick, is nowhere near evasive enough to justify his miserable, paper-thin defense. It's not unreasonable to beat him effortlessly with equipment available from the very start of the game. When facing White Glint in the story missions, he's usually the first to fall even with backup in the form of either you or CUBE, leaving the other to finish the job.
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    • The second ranked Collared pilot, Lilium/Ambient, is even worse, running a complete disaster of a build and being a surprisingly poor pilot on top of it.
    • Thermidor in the League Path is not an especially gifted pilot and is actually at a massive disadvantage since his weapon loadout is poorly-suited for the level. He's less of a threat than his lackey, who can actually put some pressure on a player less adept at melee combat. Also, Thermidor and Otsdarva are the same person, so it looks like he hasn't learned his lesson from his first loss against White Glint.
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack is awesome, as per series tradition.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: May Greenfield is an enormously minor character, but her friendly personality, adorable emblem, and enormously helpful NEXT Build (Combined that outside of arena matches, you never have to fight and presumably kill her) has made her a fan favorite.
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  • Even Better Sequel: The game is generally held to be better than its predecessor thanks to more parts, more missions, the inclusion of the massive Arms Forts, etc. The removal of the Real Is Brown graphics filter was also appreciated.
  • Game-Breaker: White Glint's SALINE missiles on the default Regulation. Spamming dual SALINEs can take down anything short of the Puzzle Boss Arms Forts.
  • Too Cool to Live: White Glint went from being the previous game's protagonist to practically a Messianic Archetype, leading the last best hope for humanity to escape corporate rule and piloting a top-tier Ace Custom Game-Breaker of a NEXT. Naturally, he goes down at the end of Act 2 to make room for more morally ambiguous forces to replace him.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: While the game isn't exactly a graphics powerhouse, all the NEXTs and Arms Forts are intricately detailed. The Spirit of Motherwill and Answerer are sights to behold.

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